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15 hours ago, John Butler said:


   25 or 40 feet in Altgens 6 you should see the Stemmons sign to the right rear of the limousine on the north side of Elm. 


  From here in this scene it is 25 feet to Z frame 255.  The Stemmons sign should be visible to the rear of the presidential limousine.  And, it is not.

How can someone taking a photo from in front (Altgens) expect the limo (which hasn't passed the Stemmons sign) at extant Z255 to be ahead of the sign by 40ft, within the photo?


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I think your notion of a “extant Z255” has carried you away into fantasy land.  Are you saying Z frame 255 occurred before reaching the Stemmons sign?  The word extant means still existing.  Z 255 exists only in the Zapruder film.  If you can not go with the what the film scences show then you can not argue rationally.

Your illustrations don’t make sense at all.

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Pretend you're a photographer and you are standing at the end of the red line (lower left of photo) taking a picture of the trucks front end.

Now pretend you're Zapruder taking a photo of the same truck and the forefront light post is the Stemmons sign.

Now pretend you gave me a horizontal distance between where an object should be and where it actually is.

Now look at the horizontal distance line that connects the lightpost to my brothers head(almost).

JFK's position within the limo didn't physically pass the Stemmons sign physical position by Z255.

Can't help you anymore if you don't understand this.





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If this is the kind of help your giving I'll pass.  It's not Zapruder filming Zapruder's film we are talking about but Altgens taking Altgens photo no. 6.  Where was Altgens when he took Altgens 6?  Altgens is first seen the Zapruder film at Z frame 330.  I am going to assume he walked into the street and filmed somewhere about there in a street location.  Altgens 6 is filmed from the middle of the road.  It is 115 frames/feet from the Stemmons sign when the Limo comes out from behind it at Z frame 215.

Back to basics.  What makes Altgens relate to Z frame 255.  It is not their camera angles or distance on the street.  It is the scene in Altgens 6 where President Kennedy raises his hands to his throat.  Jackie is touching his arm.  Zapruder frame 255 has a similar scene.  That supposedly relates them. 

Altgens takes a photo in the middle of Elm Street with the presidential limo in the middle of Elm Street when the presidential limousine is at Z215.  The presidential limousine has not passed the Stemmons sign.  And,  this is 40 feet/frames before Z frame 255.    If the presidential limousine was at Z frame 255 then the Stemmons sign should be behind it.


As you can see from this comparison Z 227 has the Stemmons sign in it.  Z 255 does not.  Where is the sign?  The distance between vehicles is 28 frames/feet in these two frames.  The Stemmons sign is 28 feet behind the presidential vehicle in Z 255.  Altgens in the middle of the street roughly at Z frame location 330 about 75 feet away from location Z 255.  The sign should be in the Altgens 6 photo behind the limo to the right rear.  You can't explain it not being there by any means.  The same reasoning applies with Z 215 and z 255.       

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Campbell did observe Brennan 

I do not have the other pages.....

Thanks to Malcolm Blunt for this



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On 2/9/2019 at 5:57 AM, John Butler said:


Most young people in the US can not read anything cursive or hand writing.  The practice of teaching cursive hand writing stopped in the 1990s or there abouts and students today are taught writing with block capitals.

This is just another of many degradations of the American educational system.

Not true. Some school districts continued to teach cursive, and some, including the Ventura School District, where my son goes to school, have recently returned to teaching cursive.

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