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Allen Dulles speaks on Warren Commission and JFK assassination

Douglas Caddy

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Right on all points, Jim.  Johnson was :biting at the bit" to get that finished.   People working there have since written about the scurrying to put the final report together.  Also, a point that sticks out with me, in my memory, was that Dulles slept through a great deal of the time that he was in the room.  From that I had drawn a picture of an older man that may have not necessarily been in touch, but this interview, with his darting eyes, and quick responses points me back to the arguments that have been made of how Dulles was sitting over the hearings with very little interest as to what evidence was brought in front of them, as he was going to have the report written the way he wanted it anyway!

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On 2/26/2019 at 2:20 AM, James DiEugenio said:

Someone should run a PSA on this interview.

I think the machine would break because of the overload.

Nothing that was classified that would have made any difference?

Connally's complaint not being substantive?

There were no time limits on the inquiry?

What a xxxx.


I agree completely. Watching this made me think Dulles was used to misleading questioners. It is hard to qualify that, but when he was asked the question about the withheld documents, he was clearly breathing fast and shallow. He was agitated at the question, and was visibly tensing up.

I think Dulles in a number of public statements actually hinted at a conspiracy, including the very start of this interview:
"I think if you had ten more commissions, you'd never get away from the idea that maybe there was a plot . . . "

(IOW, he tried to whitewash it, but the facts of a conspiracy were just too damn obvious!)

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Here is a man whose entire career was centered around keeping major secrets.

He is a professional secret keeper nonpareil.

He's so highly trained at this he can do it casually with a kindly old man smile and added lighthearted quips.

Imagine the secrets he kept regarding the Nazis and everything about them both before the war ended and after and for sure a mind boggling amount of other major secrets regards the most important national and international political, financial and social policy change doings.

Here is also a man whose ego must have been off the charts after decades of unbelievable power and influence in his highest person position in an agency which was too often left unfettered by the normal restraints of legislative government and budgetary oversight and even their own original charter.

It is reasonable to consider that Dulles at times felt he was more important than Presidents.

And that he and his ever more powerful agency was the epitome subject of JFK's "secret society"
 warning speech? Or even Eisenhower's Military Industrial Complex warning one?

And throw in the final touche regards Dulles's personal feelings of disdain for JFK after he dared to end his massive ego reign of secrecy power with a firing.

That Walter Cronkite interview of LBJ where Johnson states one can't always be certain that "others may have been involved" in JFK's assassination also surely deflates this "there's nothing else to add or consider" interview take by spy,secret, lie master Dulles.

The WC finding of believing the testimony of mental breakdown addled Jack Ruby over completely credible and mentally together journalist Seth Kantor regards Kantor personally meeting and talking with Jack Ruby in Dallas's Parkland hospital just after JFK was taken there on 11,22,1963 is my favorite WC discrediting Faux Pas.

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