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Should FBI Agent James Hosty be solely blamed for the murder of John F. Kennedy

Terry Adams

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12 hours ago, Robert Harper said:

No matter how much I read of this case, I still get amazed when I encounter information I don't recall encountering.




If you look closely at the jail checkout cards, you'll notice that the checkout card for the 12:35 AM period is the only time when Oswald is not accompanied by Detectives from the Homicide and Robbery Bureau.

If you change the AM to PM, this time exactly matches the time when Fritz said he brought Oswald back to the office at 12:35 and returned him to his cell at 1:10.

See CD 81 pp. 460-461.


During this interview, Fritz asked Oswald about the picture of him holding the rifle. The problem here is that, officially,  the picture would not be brought back to the office until four hours later at around 4:00 PM. By comparing and cross-referencing the various versions of the 12:35 Interview in the Warren Commission documents with what's in the DPD Archives, you can see where attemps were made to cover this up.

There was some discussion of this 12:35 interview in the Education Forum in the thread entitled,

“Fritz ADDED the part about the photos afterward...” started by David Joseph on 11/28/2011.



Steve Thomas


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