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The Raleigh Call Did Not Happen

Guest Bart Kamp

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I would not call it a fabrication as such, I think certain people walked away with the so called intelligence factor and believed in something of which the basics were already flawed.

Not the first time and surely not the last.

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So what do we make of this then?

John Hurt died in 1981. A few months later, his wife told the author that Hurt had admitted the truth before he died. Terribly upset on the day of the assassination, he got extremely drunk — a habitual problem with him — and telephoned the Dallas jail and asked to speak to Oswald. When denied access, he left his name and number. Mrs. Hurt said her husband told her he never had any earlier contact with Oswald and had been too embarrassed to admit that he got drunk and placed the call. In view of the fact that Hurt’s military-intelligence background appears innocent of any deep operational connections, the account by John Hurt’s wife makes as much sense as anything else.

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Nothing, whether he called himself is besides the point. Even if he did he was not in contact with Oswald

The Raleigh Call has been put forward as a phone call by Oswald to someone with old intelligence connections and pushed this as far as they possibly could.

Those people pushing the connection were wrong from the beginning as Treon, Kovac and Swinney contradicted each other to such an extend that it should have been tossed there and then. 

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On 2/26/2019 at 7:08 AM, Bart Kamp said:

Read about it HERE.

Bart, do you believe ( at all ) what John Hurt's wife was reported to have said in 1981 about her husband calling into the Dallas PD?

If she said this and it was true, what so-called innocent minded reason would you speculate a drunk Hurt had in mind in doing this?  Did he want to curse Oswald out personally?

There is no call record confirming a call to the Dallas PD by Hurt?

To me, it would be easy to dismiss the whole Raleigh call affair if Hurt never called the Dallas PD as his wife is reported to have claimed.

But if he did, with his military background, including even his weird other eccentricities and troubling emotional issues, it's still a story to consider with at least some legitimate curiosity.

Did anyone ever hear that Hurt had even an occasional history of making long distance phone calls to authorities ( drunk or not ) in other states centered around controversial newsworthy events?

Every call Oswald made while in the DPD jail ( outside of one with an attorney? ) would have been monitored and listened in on...right?

If not, the police weren't doing their job.


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John Hurt nor his wife come into the equation. 

Hurt was in Japan years before Oswald was, he left the intel biz years before Oswald went into the Marines.

The slip is BS.

If the slip is BS then the Hurt connection is BS, whether he called all drunk or not, makes no difference. Several people rang the DPD that weekend.

End of Hurt story.......

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Hurt's wife at least admits a call was made to LHO by her husband.  If the outgoing calls by LHO show no record of a call to Hurt, the statement by the widow Hurt is still an important lead, despite her explanation.

Did we know before the widow's statement that Hurt called Oswald?  Her statement confirms that there was an attempt at connection.  She answered in response to an event that a researcher convinced her there was evidence for.

There is no existing record of incoming calls to Oswald?

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First of all, you've done a great job demonstrating that the Raleigh call event did not occur. You've persuaded me.

On a slightly different note about the other calls on Saturday:

Why should we assume the 4:00 pm Saturday call was made to Mrs. Paine? It appears that "Oswald" needed to get two numbers from the operator at that time, which to me rules out the likelihood that call was to Marina or the Paine residence. After all, he already knew those numbers! He didn't need the operator to tell him those numbers!

The first call, sometime between 1:30 and 2:00, seems to have lasted an awfully long time for the NYC attempt to get Abt. I mean, if Abt was not available, receptionists at law firms are trained in what to say and do if a prospective client calls and the lawyer is away. The calls don't last for an additional 20 minutes. I think "Oswald" did indeed talk to someone, probably at the firm, for a significant length of time.

Finally, the 8:00 pm call. Again, roughly 30 minutes in length, but to whom? 30 minutes is way too long for a discussion with someone at a law firm about an attorney who is unavailable.

Might I suggest another possibility?

Right around that very moment on Saturday evening, while he was in the Hotel-Dieu Hospital in New Orleans, Dean Andrews received a call from "Clay Bertrand" asking him to go to Dallas to represent "Oswald" legally. Certainly Clay Shaw did call Andrews on "Oswald's" behalf early Saturday evening. 

Did "Oswald" either directly, or through a cut-out, request help from Clay Shaw in securing an attorney? 

Alternatively, did one of the persons called by "Oswald", perhaps one not in on the plan to silence the patsy, then call Shaw who was also equally ignorant of the "final solution" to the "Oswald" problem?

If he did not, then how do we explain "Clay Bertrand's" call to Dean Andrews shortly after "Oswald" was on the phone with an unknown party or parties?

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