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On 3/1/2019 at 4:06 AM, Bart Kamp said:

Yes, and I have got a file on you ;)

hahaha--someone else sent me a couple items (Harry liked to tape our conversations) :)

Send me what you have!

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The Main Stream Media at it's best.  They lead with Judge Tunheim; "the government is not hiding files on the assassination of President Kennedy anymore".  BS.  The wool was pulled over this Jurist's eyes, or at least he let it be. After another minute of classic BS they turn for a second lead to Max Holland, ahhh….  It is nice to finally see respected attorney Jim Lesar, for 19 seconds.  Followed by 1:13 with Posner, then you get Harry  for 5 seconds, them for 20 seconds, Harry for 20, them for a minute and a half.  Not exactly equal time or fair consideration.

In reference to Harry/Posner 1998 interview by Joan London.

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