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I live in New Hampshire and I survive through my own business as a Building Renovation contractor.  I went to the University of New Hampshire and graduated with a BA in Theatre and Communications.  That is why I'm a contractor ;).

John Kennedy was killed 4 days before my 11th birthday and I vividly remember the sadness that I, and my family, felt for a long time afterwards.

My interest in the details surrounding the assassination became obsessive after seeing Oliver Stone's movie JFK.  I obtained copies of 'Best Evidence' and 'Crossfire'.  The two books had me hooked and I continued to read books until I had access to the internet.  I've been a long time lurker at the Education Forum. I now have, as a result, a good grasp on the "who, how, and why".  I am amazed at how much of my early understanding has been fleshed out over the years by postings on the Ed Forum.

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