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Biography: A.J. Weberman

A.J. Weberman

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I am a graduate of CCNY - City College in Manhattan and MDC - Metropolitan Detention Center - in Brooklyn. I worked with Senator Richard Schweiker and Cong Henry Gonzalez on the Coup D'Etat that took place on November 22, 1963, which shifted the direction that America would take. I was sued by Howard Hunt for naming him as one of the tramps picked up hours after the Kennedy assassination but he chickened out and never went to trial. There was no way the CIA was going to let me win, it would have been very dangerous for this country as we were involved in a Cold War with the Soviet Union. The Agency went as far as drugging Congressmen Gonzalez and he started acting in a bizarre fashion and had to resign. Forget my bona fides, look at the info that I have brought together from telephone calls to Gerry Hemming, from documents, from court cases and from The Weberman Commission - where I used subpoena power to question Angleton, Helms, Barker, Sturgis, Liddy etc. Right now I am working on a Dylan to English Dictionary which is going to run 1,000 pages in Volume One. I am active in the Medical Marijuana Movement, and just helped get that Hawk's nest restored here in Manhattan by doing a reverse search on the building and revealing the names of the tenants on the internet.

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Canfield and Weberman's book, confirming the presence of Hunt, Sturgis and others in Dallas on that fateful day, was itself a coup; a groundbreaking piece of historical research.

I can't imagine what kind of craven cowards these Congressional Democrats and Republicans must have been (and continue to be) to roll over for a cheap Mafia-style hit on an American President, and the total capitulation of the media, academia, scientific establishment (even the phony "left" for Christ's sake !!!!) to that ridiculous magic bullet story; the snuffing of Oswald by mob flunky Jack Ruby - and the scores of bodies like a trail of breadcrumbs back to that day we became just another banana republic.

Thanks to the journalistic integrity and "beitzim" of guys like Canfield and Weberman, the recently murdered Gary Webb, scholars like Peter Dale Scott and John Newman, radio broadcasters like Alex Jones, and so many others ... I say that we ARE a community and a nation.

Even in the terffiying face of this new world order, we have our fighters and prophets; those who will speak and write the truth, no matter the risk to their careers, the sacrifices demanded of their time, and the very real threats to their personal safety.

This proves to me that we still have decent human beings in America.

And that is no small comfort in the wake of the ultimate inside job: 9/11 - in this time of sadness and dread.

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