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Phillipe Thyrond de Vosjoli

Guest Bart Kamp

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Malcolm threw this at me for any comments.
Vosjoli....it's just an interesting chain of coincidences and the document content raises eyebrows.....some people say that de Vosjoli was pushing the right wing did it angle(on behalf of J Angleton)......I suppose one has to look at the HSCA interview marked sensitive allied with the fact that the document was never open in the file all the years I checked at NARA,Joan Mellen managed to get Martha Murphy(NARA) to release it but we do not have a de Vosjoli testimony which is also discussed in that document..if and I emphasise "if" de Vosjoli's statement that Col de Lannnurien of SEDEC  was in the company of right wing extremists 4 days before the assassination and then in a meeting with DCI McCone Helms and Angletons gofor James Hunt four days after the assassination that is intriguing, why? because I checked DCI McCone's desk calendars and this meeting with de Lannurien is the ONLY one....
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