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9 hours ago, Anthony Thorne said:

Mal Hyman’s book on the JFK assassination and the media is out shortly, and you can read a fair amount of it right here. It looks pretty good.


Just getting into it.  Can't wait to read more.

Brave reporter MacNeil's description of the mass cries in Dealey Plaza right after the shooting ... a "unison soprano wail" just grips you.

Like how the author refers to and honors those who have inspired his writing effort right away in his introduction.  Every one from Vince Salandria, Lane, Garrison and so many more including Jim DiEugenio. 

Jim Di has been writing heavily in this super important area for a long time and you can immediately see his influence.

So far, it's effecting.

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I only read 7 or 8 pages so far but it seems pretty thorough and deep on a subject not generally done so otherwise.  Never heard of Mal Hyman.  He's got some pretty good academic credentials.  Too bad he lost his congressional race.  

I don't remember reading before that Priscilla McMillan Johnson was a friend and neighbor of Operation Mockingbird director Cord Meyer.

Looks like it could be worth reading the whole thing. 

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Even if Marcello had no monetary interests in Ruby's clubs, Ruby was into other things over the years that seemed to have clear implications of closer contact and dealings with mob figures beyond the image of his being a crazy hot-headed nobody in that realm.

Gun running bag man, high stakes gambling , prostitution pimp ( one can imagine who he procured for with all the wealth of Dallas at that time)  trips out of state for mob business, Dallas PD point and maybe bag man, etc.

His calls to Chicago ( especially the month or two before 11,22,1963 ) were to mob men of some authority.

Campisi and Civello were the real mob deals in Dallas. 

And Campisi's in public view visit to Ruby in the first week of Ruby's incarceration ( that's pretty soon after imo ) could indicated Ruby had at least some interest from Campisi beyond that of laughable hot-headed buffoon nobody, at least to the point of extending this level of respect to Ruby.

My guess is that one of Ruby's roles for the mob was to procure young and beautiful female "companions" for mob big shots when they came to Dallas for any serious business.

Ruby's pool of young strippers probably provided this service from time to time. Little Lynn stated she had performed this role at least once and I believe Beverly Oliver mentioned something similar.

Jada was frequently in the personal company such characters and I think married one at some point.

I can't help wanting to understand Ruby's true connections to the Mob as this relationship could be a factor of more importance than normally acknowledged if this relationship was something more than a bumbling buffoon nobody inside joke to the mob.

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On 3/12/2019 at 4:06 AM, Joe Bauer said:

i can't help wanting to understand Ruby's true connections to the Mob as this relationship could be a factor of more importance than normally acknowledged if this relationship was something more than a bumbling buffoon nobody inside joke to the mob.

You just outlined it Joe, 

There is plenty of evidence out there that JR purchased Guns, Ammo and Equipment and sold it to Cubans. There is evidence that he was known to FBI and CIA and was untouched thru the late 50's and early 60's why.... who knows unless they were monitoring him or using him. Plus there is plenty of evidence he knew and interacted with Dallas mob, Chicago and New Orleans mob.

Now comes 11/22/63 and LHO survives and is in DPD custody. Jack is told to take action or his sister's life is over. All his debts will be forgiven,  He must use his access to DPD to eliminate LHO. 

If Jack succeeds and keeps his mouth shut, his family members stay alive and maybe even get a little cash....He may have even thought or been told, No body is gunna hurt you Jack for doing what 90% of Americans would have loved to do to LHO two days after the assassination.

Jack got thousands of support letters and donations for his defense very early in the piece. I think that's why he continued to believe he would be taken care of and nothing sinister would happen to him.


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I have always felt that Ruby was the perfect guy to rub out Oswald.

Here was a wannabe who had connections to the CIA, the Mafia, the military, and was an FBI informant. But most of all, he was such a good pal of the Dallas Police.

What the WC wrote about Ruby, and especially his relationship with the DPD was, even for them, an utter disgrace. It was so obvious that even Burt Griffin suspected something was up and the police were lying. The cover up afterwards about that subject was pointed and deliberate. Patrick Dean failed his polygraph, even though he was allowed to write his own questions. Blackie Harrison was drugged up to disguise his reactions. (You can see Ruby hiding behind Harrison before he shoots Oswald in the series Evidence of Revision.)  Whether or not Fritz was in on it or not does not really matter.  As Greg Parker wrote, there was a planned diamond formation around Oswald when he was escorted out.  When Fritz broke that formation, this allowed Ruby to directly confront Oswald.  The idea that Arlen Specter, and the likes of Duncan McRae propagate--that Fritz had to open the car door--is so ridiculous that its risible.  It was more important to open the door than protect Oswald?

This was then topped off by the FBI rigging Ruby's polygraph test.  That was revealed in one of the HSCA's more honest and probing reports.

To say the least, Ruby made some very interesting comments while incarcerated.  And, in fact, his guilty verdict was overturned on appeal.  But a second trial was not going to happen due to the visits to Jack by Dr. West, the CIA's man on MK Ultra. 

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