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Started this book a few weeks ago then just now coming back to it.  Lots of interesting details to things I've read of before expounded on and new (to me) info.

Pg. 38.  "Noted reporter Hewood Bruhn once wrote that Lippman "espouses the comforting idea that we are safe in the arms of J.P. Morgan".  Contrasted with Lisa Pease's notation in her Garrison magazine Why the CIA Killed RFK "Members of the plutocracy hated FDR.  J.P. Morgan's servants knew enough to cut FDR's picture out of the daily paper before handing it to him".


Read the last two sentences at least.

Pg. 48.  "Reporters are puppets... They simply respond to the pull of the most powerful strings"  - Lyndon Baines Johnson. 


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