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I have a second way to find the angle of the hips and the results match the shadow analysis. The image below shows that when facing straight forward the button and zipper flap appear centered. As you angle your hips back the zipper flap and button start to skew off to the side. At 11 degrees angle it is very apparent and when the angle reaches 22 degrees it has moved about 1 3/4 inches off center.
 (BELOW) In 133a the rifle covers the pants button but you can use the zipper flap below and trace a line up ward. The flap leans at the same angle as the rest of Oswald  so I will assume he had his pants on straight. Tracing it upwards  places the button less than one inch off center. That implies that Oswald's hips were angled less than 10 degrees. The red line in 133a denotes the  middle point and the green line traces the zipper flap to the button location.
     In the image on the left you can also see the telephone line shadows. Finding the angle of the shadow across his hips can be tricky because of the uneven surfaces. To measure it I think it is best to take the point it hit Oswald's left hip which is easily seen, then use the shadow of his revolver on the ground to determine where the shadow exits his right hip.
 The shadow measures about 9 degrees steeper angle than the shadow on the ground. The shadow on the ground has it's own angle of 8 or 9 degrees which is exactly what happens when you photograph it from Marina's 22 degree line of sight. The fact that both the angle of the shadow on the ground and across Oswald are both around 9 degrees implies that Oswald matched Marina's 22 degree line of sight by turning his body(hips) almost straight towards her. 



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19 hours ago, Ron Bulman said:

What would jack White have thought?

If I recall from several years ago when Jack roamed the earth, Jack thought Oswald's right lateral knee bend was impossible.  Needless to say, Jack was on at least one long past thread about the BYPs.

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I am not claiming anything about his  hips or feet being distorted. I think if it is fake it is because the image was rotated a few degrees too far.
 You said I should let others evaluate all my steps. My case was based on measuring the shadow of the telephone lines across his hips. I explained how the shadow across Oswald's hips reflect his angle toward the camera. I provided a recreation of the factors in a physical model and reproduced the 9 degree angle on his hips that occurs when a persons hips are rotated 22 degrees away from the North South alignment of the telephone shadows(When he is facing Marina).
The case I presented was not an unsubstantiated Hypothesis. I laid out facts and hard measurements that can be tested.
The premise is based on several facts that are basic optical principles. First, a shadow  at approx a 45 degree angle will drop one inch for every inch it as moves from the source to the ground. Second, A telephone line that runs North/South will cause it's shadow to also lay in the North south line.(slightly off the North/South because the telephone line is not perfectly level, it droops.) Third, any object like Oswald's hips, will display a shadow that is parallel to the shadow on the ground when the hips also lay on a North South plane.(That is when he would be facing directly West)
The findings are that only when Oswald's hips are facing the camera(At 22 degrees south of West) does it cause the telephone line shadow to take that 9 degree angle relative to the shadow on the ground. It is important to note that regardless of how much he leaned or tilted his hips upward the angle of the shadow does not change relative to the shadow on the ground. Only turning his hips toward or away from the camera effect a change. Because the only way to change the angle is to rotate his hips toward or away from the camera we can say with confidence that the angle on Oswald tells us where his hips are facing.
   This is because as he rotated his right hip around to face the camera that hip moves several inches closer to the source of the shadow. for every inch he moves forward the shadow on his right hip moves up an inch (The BYP have it closer to 49/52 degrees elevation so the shadow climbs up slightly more.)
First anyone can check to see that the principles of light and shadow I stated above are correct. Once you have that you can draw a conclusion just based on those facts and the conclusion will validate my theory. To further test it you could reproduce all the parameters and create photographic evidence that validate my theory. But I already did the physical model in the original thread. It demonstrates and proves the angle of Oswald's hips. The conclusion is his hips have to be facing the camera in order to create a shadow that is 9 degrees from the shadow on the ground.
 One of the photos shows both Oswald and Mr Cappel. The shadow on Cappel is a bit clearer. I should have offered a more contrasted image so people could see the shadow better, but I assume most everyone here knows the case very well and is aware of the telephone line shadows already.

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