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Oswald being charged with the murder of JFK as part of a communist conspiracy

Guest Bart Kamp

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Malcolm has spent more time at the National Archives than anyone else. At some point he lived next door in an apartment for about 6 months. 

It shows that through proper dedication some real gold nuggets have been found there. . Some docs may have been but the large majority have not. In my up and coming paper there will be a significant load that have not been seen before. The others will be posted at the new Dealey Plaza UK website.

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On 3/27/2019 at 11:31 PM, B. A. Copeland said:

Christmas every post Barto ;). Thanks mate.

Your most welcome B.A., more to follow ;) 

10 hours ago, Micah Mileto said:

So this is the DPD equivelent of Hoover's "the public mist be convinced" memo?

No, this is someone going on his own vocation and also being a zealot (in this case Bill Alexander) only to be pulled back by the higher ups.

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