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Oswald's shirt

Guest Bart Kamp

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14 hours ago, Rob Couteau said:

Hi Bart,

Interesting stuff! Please let us know when you update. Thank you.

I will do in about a week, I am getting ready for a trip and will be back on Thursday.

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On 3/30/2019 at 1:37 AM, Pat Speer said:

The fact remains that on 11-23 Oswald said he'd been wearing a reddish shirt at the time of the shooting, and this caused Fritz and the FBI etc to lose their minds. So much so that they failed to acknowledge CE 151 was a dirty, reddish button-down collared shirt found among the dirty clothes in Oswald's room and was quite obviously the shirt Oswald was talking about. 

I mean, why did they constantly refer to this shirt as a brown or light-brown shirt? And why did they fail to show it to Oswald's co-workers? Particularly after those co-workers refused to ID CE 150 as the shirt he'd been wearing? 

To me, the answer is obvious. The fibers from CE 150 had been planted on the rifle. And the DPD knew Oswald might go free if he was to get himself a smarty-pants lawyer who could convince a jury of as much. 

This shirt mix-up might even explain why Oswald was murdered. 

Pat, you hit the nail on the head. Oswald was killed by Ruby to prevent him from going to trial. The whole case was a farce. The evidence couldn't be allowed to be "challenged" in court. He was a patsy. Thank you for your research.

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On 3/28/2019 at 12:41 PM, John Butler said:


If this was the shirt Oswald was wearing at the TSBD then it might help explain my version of Prayer Man.  Oswald is said to have changed shirts (all of his clothing) when he arrived at his apartment and then went to the Texas Theater.  If this is so, then he wasn't wearing the darker brown shirt he is alleged to be in the Doorway Man scene of Altgens 6. 

I believe Prayer Man was on Elm Street filming the motorcade as it went by.  This is seen in the John Martin film.  The following montage shows Prayer Man in the doorway of the TSBD and on Elm Street.  The images are the same to me.  The red shirt in John Martin could just be color distortion.


What he has in his hands appears to be a camera, not a 6 1/2 ounce coke.  Which is better seen in the last frame to the right.  The problem with the camera is where did it and its film go?  Camera rather than curtain rods.


I don't recall much from this discussion.  I should re-read it, but I am a lazy fellow.  If this has been discussed later in this thread then I apologize.  Bart Kamp says that the person in Shaneyfelt exhibit number 24 is not Oswald.  I will add to that and say it's not his shirt either.  There are several accounts that Oswald's brown shirt was frayed or torn at the elbow on the right arm.  Compare the following:


One shirt has a tear and the other doesn't.  They are not the same shirt.  That is unless Linda Shaneyfelt got out her sewing kit.

On Andrej's example I fail to see the hole in the shirt also.


Again, I apologize if someone has already pointed this out.  In a way this is good just to review.

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