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Parkland Press Conference Transcript-Kilduff-1327-B

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On 4/10/2019 at 3:50 PM, Pat Speer said:

Thanks, Micah, for the refresher. I'd forgot about Jenkins admitting he'd actually suspected there was a hole on the left temple. As a consequence, it appears that I was the one who was trying to help McClelland save face. 

To report a large gunshot wound widely observed on the right side of the head as a wound "of the left temple" simply because another doctor said he thought there was an entrance wound there is just mind-bogglingly incompetent. I can't over-stress how bad this was. 

Having more recently realized the mind-boggling incompetence of the Dallas Police, the FBI, the Secret Service, and the Warren Commission, however, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. 

P.S. Did Porto/Puerto ever give an interview or write a report in which all this stuff about him putting his finger in a left temple wound was documented? I looked at this some years ago, and looked at a bit more the other day, and don't recall there being evidence he was even in the room. Was he supposedly by Clark's side a la Grossman? And, if so, why didn't Clark or Grossman recall his sticking his finger in a bullet hole?




Post Mortem by Harold Weisberg, p. 60, Part 1, Chapter 6. Client Truth

One of the doctors Specter did not call - whose name is not mentioned in the evidence because it was kept out by Specter - is Dr. David Stewart, who later moved to Gallatin, Tennessee. Dr. Stewart would have sworn to exactly what Dr. McClelland said - that the President was killed by a shot from the front, which, very obviously, Oswald, had he been in the sixth-floor window and some 300 feet behind the President, could not have fired.


Dr. Stewart made a Rotary club speech that was reported in the New Lebanon, Tennessee, Democratof March 30, 1967. At 8:15 a.m. April 10, he appeared on the Joe Dolan show, then on KNEW, Oakland, California.


Stewart "was in attendance at the time" of the treatment rendered all three assassination patients, but "primarily my time was spent with Governor Connally and later with Lee Oswald". Another group of physicians was taking care of the President on his entry to the emergency room, "but of course I am aware of their findings as such".


Dolan said he was particularly concerned with the "statement about the shot" that killed the President "coming from the front". Stewart said, "Yes, sir. This was the finding of all the physicians who were in attendance. There was a small wound in the left front of the President's head and there was a quite massive wound of exit at the right backside of the head and it was felt by all of the physicians at the time to be a wound of entry which went in the front. And this was later corroborated, I think, by the films which showed the President with a rather violent lurch backward."

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I get nervous when posters conflate the positions of wounds to the Direction of shots. 

Chris Davidson's thread (Revealing the limo stop) explores the possibility there are frames missing around the time of headshots. Therefore Kennedy's head position on impact is unclear. 

Secondly bullets do not necessarily travel in a straight line after hitting something. Bullets from silenced weapons have less momentum and are thus more likely to deflect more. 

I judge the evidence strongly suggest an entry in the temple. Burkley told Kilduff this and he repeated it twice. Its a straightforward assumption that a shot came from forward of the limo, but from where is not clear. 

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