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Who was the 'handler' who met Lee Harvey Oswald at Southampton, England?

Has anyone researched this issue?

He seems to have left Ft Worth and arrived in Southampton, England with more money than he started out with.

He arrived on the day after the British General Election and every hotel in London was full.

But lo, he managed to get to Helsinki and possibly Stockholm, even though there were no direct flights.

Did he go by military aircraft?

Who paid for his stay at the expensive hotel in Helsinki?

Before Oswald got to Minsk where he worked at a radio and television factory, he had to get permits to enter Russia.

Who made all of this possible?

Bill Weaver, Gordon McLendon's general manager wrote that his Radio Nord on board a ship off Sweden in the Baltic Sea was there to receive transmissions from the USSR. Weaver and that Radio Nord was paid for by CIA via Clint Murchison Jr in Dallas. Radio Nord signed off just after Lee Harvey Oswald boarded a train in Minsk on his return journey to the USA via Holland.

Was Radio Nord the CIA 'Voice' that was relaying messages to Lee Harvey Oswald under the cover of being a Swedish commercial radio station.

Has anyone written about this entire episode in detail?


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