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Jesse Curry's famous Quote?

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2 hours ago, Lawrence Schnapf said:

what he does say in his book in the first sentence of Chapter V (Lee Harvey Oswald: Was he the Man") is as follows:

The physical evidence and eyewitness accounts do not clearly indicate what took place on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository at the time John F. Kennedy was assassinated."

He ends that paragraph by saying: "The testimony of the people who watched the motorcade was much more confusing than either the press or the Warren Commission seemed to indicate." 

Did Curry ever state any feelings of deep remorse or self blame with sincerity about his department's "complete worst case scenario failure" to protect Oswald resulting with Oswald being MURDERED while handcuffed to two of his detectives, right inside his own building and by a sleazy strip joint owning pimp who was let in and out of sensitive areas of the DPD building throughout the weekend?

Speaking of conflicting testimony by Dealey Plaza witnesses, here's a doozy... every one in the presidential limo ( Jackie, Nellie Connally, John Connally, Agents Kellerman and Wily William Greer contradicted each other to an embarrassing degree.

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2 hours ago, Joe Bauer said:
oswalds transfer / shooting part 1.
Dallas Police detectives L.C. Graves and Don Archer discuss the transfer of Oswald.

From the video that was shared by Joe:

“Curry did not have the final say as to when, or how, Oswald was transferred. It came from his superiors, who was the city manager at that time. So we knew better than to transfer him under those conditions but we didn’t have any choice.”

I don’t know who the City Manager was, but the Mayor was Earle Cabell who was a CIA asset and brother of fired Deputy Director of the CIA , Charles Cabell.

Earle Cabell

48th Mayor of Dallas
In office
1961 – February 3, 1964



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14 minutes ago, Steve Thomas said:



The City Manager was a man by the name of Elgin Crull.

He testified to the WC.



Steve Thomas

Thanks Steve:


Mr. HUBERT. Mr. Crull, as you know, there has been at least one statement to the effect that Chief Curry was "taking the wrap for higher-ups who insisted that Oswald be transferred in daylight hours in order to accommodate the press and other news media." 
Do you know anything about that at all, sir? 
Mr. CRULL. So far as I am concerned, the higher ups would have to be either the city manager or the mayor. So far as the city manager is concerned, Chief Curry was given no instructions whatsoever as to the transfer, and I feel quite confident that Mayor Cabell didn't. 
For two reasons, One, he says he didn't, and the other, that under the charter, the city manager's responsibility for the chief of police and the mayor doesn't give direct orders. I think the statement is completely untrue. 
Mr. HUBERT. Do you know of anything that would indicate that Mayor Cabell or any of the members of the council did exercise any kind of pressure whatsoever on Chief Curry? 
Mr. CRULL. I know of nothing, and I feel certain that it didn't occur. 
Mr. HUBERT. And you did not at all? 
Mr. CRULL. That's correct.

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