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Hi all,

Something has happened - that I do not wish to discuss - but I am no longer able to continue to make payment for the EF. This has nothing to do with a post last week where I asked members for further contributions.

I have already cancelled my payment agreement with Invision. Therefore it is likely that the EF will go dark by June 11th. If any member wishes to take over the subscription then please email me and I will submit your name to Invision. I am sure Invision will be happy for another member to pick up the subscription. The monthly subscription is $130 per month.

I am very sorry for the short notice and I thank you all for your support and friendship.


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Sorry to hear James....   

We have 102 pages of members in the lookup.

I would gladly pay a buck or two a month along with the rest...

Surely we could get to the $130 figure with the core group of posters and lurkers?  Or even open it up to online funding support....

IDK... but I know I don’t want this forum to go away... and for a buck or so a month spread out over many, we should be able to do this....

how can I assist with such an endeavor?


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The problem is how to create a guaranteed $130 per month. I have funded the site since we took over and I am unable to do so now

Invision are not happy were the site to expire. However they need $130 per month. The size of our membership has sometimes taken us close to the next stage which costs $230 a month. So yes you are right, with such a membership there ought to be a solution.

I do not guarantee this is the solution - or indeed is still available - but when I announced this to Rhett ( whom I most often deal with in Invision ) he suggested a special fee of $45 per month.

Now if the forum could guarantee such a sum each and every month I could go back to Rhett. I am happy to provide the payment to Invision so long as I can be assured I am recompensed.

I do not know if the offer is still open, but I do know Rgett was disappointed and might be open to such an agreement. But the point is if I am to supply payment to Invision then the subscription needs to be guaranteed.



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Surely most people here are or will be disappointed to learn about your dilemma.  I certainly am.

Without knowing the details of your total monthly bandwidth, the hosting fees sound kind of high.  The sudden increase they hit you with recently certainly seemed excessive.

In an earlier post, unless I’m mistaken, you mentioned that a condition of your takeover of the Ed Forum was to continue working with Invision as host.  Considering the price hikes, would it be possible to revisit those terms and shop around for a less expensive solution?

Whatever happens, I’d like to thank you again for the time and money you invested in this forum.  Even if it ends on June 11, it was a huge success while it lasted.

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I would gladly pay a $35/yr. subscription so long as the discussion on the JFK forum is limited to that topic. I am not willing to pay to be a member of a Trump bashing (or any other off-topic or irrelevant) forum. If there is a section for that fine, but keep it out of this forum. 

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Cant DVP put this on his monthly expense account with Langley?


How about setting up a Go Fund Me page annually with a $1560.00 target that way each May or June readers/lurkers and members contribute what they can afford until the annual target is met!!!!

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3 hours ago, James R Gordon said:

I have forwarded the idea of a subscription base to Invision.

I do not yet know a precise active membership listing, but the subscription might be less than $35.


35 bucks a year or 35 a month?

I've been chipping in 20 bucks a month since December (minus one month) so the yearly sub sounds like a deal.

I think the GoFundMe idea is the best.

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Let us keep the Forum alive with our subs. I see no reason why James should bear the costs for our debates.  Besides, we are responsible for maintaining the legacy of outstanding researchers who started this off. The wealth of information contained in hundreds of threads is something rare and precious. Of course, there were also many weird pots over the years, e.g., mine, however, it has been a great ride anyway.

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