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I came across this information about securing an Invision site with SSL/HTTPS:

The first line suggests that for "Community in the Cloud" customers its a simple case of submitting a support ticket.  If an admin person for the EdForum does this, it may be possible to get Invision to redirect all http requests to https so everyone can be a little bit more secure in their visits.

Judging from the PHP code they have on the above page, I would say its a 5 minute job as you only need to change the "base_url" from http to https, and then flush the cache.  Its literally adding an "s" character and pressing a few buttons, but watch out for the warnings on the above page about possible problems this may cause.

As a test I tried accessing the Education Forum using the https like this:


This seams to connect securely, but of course as soon as you click a link you go back to plain old http, so an admin will need to tweak the settings to make https the default for all links.

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