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Oliver Stone wrote this on Facebook today

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Iran now feels so similar to Gulf of Tonkin in ’64 that initiated the Vietnam War. A couple of mysterious explosions damaging a US ship off the coast would do i...t; it would set off Congress, who’d vote for war powers. And given the recent miasma of facts, we’d never know who was responsible.

As we’re besieged with the media buildup to our new wars in Iran and Venezuela, this is a good time to remember the use of Hollywood films and TV shows, especially since 2001, to sell this ruthless outlaw behavior we think we have the right to practice (see below). In this vein, see Nick Schou’s book, “Spooked” (2016), about the same subject. And of course, there’s Jim DiEugenio’s spectacular exposé of it in his “JFK Assassination” (2018), particularly the chapters on ‘Parkland’ and ‘Where Washington Meets Hollywood.’

Daniel Lazare brings his analytical eye once more to the disgusting fraud of Russiagate and where it’s leading us. Short and to the point.

The third article is a background on the basic sanity of Tulsi Gabbard. It seems to me a dream that she could ever be President. But I’d love to see it happen. Trump vs. ‘Tulsi in 2020! It’s not too late!’ What a debate. And I bet you the lady would win!

“Documents Expose How Hollywood Promotes War on Behalf of the Pentagon, CIA and NSA” by Tom Secker and Matthew Alford -- http://bit.ly/2LQcNWZ

“Russia-gate’s Monstrous Offspring” by Daniel Lazare -- http://bit.ly/2HxGdnl

“Tulsi Gabbard Has Proved She Is Ready for America. Is America Ready for Her?” by John Wight -- http://bit.ly/2LNGdoB

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      Yes, it's truly frightening to see how readily our mainstream U.S. media has been playing along with the latest Gulf of Tonkin stunt in the Persian Gulf.   It's the same epic failure of American journalism that we saw in August of 1964 and March of 2003.

     And, unfortunately,  those who cannot remember the past are destined to make all of us repeat it.

     Good article on the subject at The Intercept a few days ago.



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