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The Identification of Gloria Calvery in Zapruder and Darnell

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4 hours ago, Jim Hargrove said:


Megathanks for all the hard work you did on this, but I do have one quick question about your methodology.  

Thanks Jim. Much appreciated.


4 hours ago, Jim Hargrove said:

You apparently base your 11/22/63 ID’s on the body types of Gloria Calvery, Carol Reed, Carol Hicks, and Karen Westbrook and the premise that all four women stood together in a line along the parade route.  Is there evidence that they stood together in their testimonies or elsewhere?


Yes. Each of them said in their first day affidavits that they were standing with the other three. That's a very important point. Without that testimony I wouldn't have made the conclusions that I did.

Thanks for asking. I'll go back and see if I can make that more clear.


4 hours ago, Jim Hargrove said:

One more question.... Since there exists that infamous clip that people say shows Shelley and Lovelady walking away from the TSBD, do you think any kind of intel-style faking could have been involved here?


Here is what I believe, Jim. I believe that the WC/FBI used the various films to help them create the official narrative. Even the fake parts of their narrative. They saw Baker seemingly rushing to get inside the TSBD, and they used that for their narrative. (I've shown that Baker was NOT headed toward the TSBD entrance. Though, yes, he did get there later.) I believe that they saw the two guys walking toward the west end of the TSBD and they incorrectly identified them as Shelley and Lovelady, based on their looks and what they seemed to be wearing in other photos and films.

When the WC/FBI needed to discredit Vickie Adams, they fabricated the narrative of Shelley and Lovelady entering the west TSBD entrance based upon the two guys they saw in Couch headed in that direction. Little did they know that when Couch and Darnell are synchronized, it shows those too guys headed toward the west end far too early, before they even had a chance to talk to Gloria Calvery!


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I failed to make something very important clear in my presentation. The affidavits of the four women I showed standing together all say that they were standing together at the presidential parade.

Had that not been the case, we could not have made the Gloria Calvery identification with any confidence.

Thanks to Jim Hargrove for bringing that to my attention.


Karen Westbrook is the one on the left, Gloria Calvery is the one on the right, and the two between them are Karan Hicks and Carol Reed.




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