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Personal Military Attendant Claims JFK Acknowledged ET Presence.

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In this YOU TUBE entry the Air Force attendant to JFK on a flight claims JFK acknowledged this to him when JFK got up to depart the plane.

The attendant had purposely placed two newspapers with UFO articles on the seat or desk Kennedy was next to.

I'll see if I can copy and paste the You Tube video in it's entirety.




There is considerable knowledge as far as actual being of UFO and ET phenomenon that we are aware of today.” -President JFK ...
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From the beginning of Project Bluebook in 1948 they documented that something(Natural or alien) was moving thru our atmosphere with acceleration, hovering ability and turn rates that far exceeded our capabilities. That fact alone would have caused the entire issue to be classified by the military. Imagine how exited our military was about the potential of harnessing it regardless of whether it was alien or natural. Imagine the pucker factor when they considered the possibility of the Russians figuring it out first! So I find it impossible to believe that JFK would casually mention it to one of his aides.
The aid in question has his face blacked out so I assume even the full video would not give his name. It should also be noted that the 'Sirus Project', even though they have tons of videos, is not taken too seriously in the UFO community anymore. They used to be respected and the hundreds of military and other government contractors who have come forward in the Sirus Project is still impressive. Now in days the Sirus Project is viewed by many in the same way JFK CT'ers view anything that comes from the 6th floor museum.

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