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Where Are Trump's 5,000 Former Federal Prosecutor Defenders?

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In the recent nationally broadcast George Stephanopoulos interview of Donald Trump, Stephanapoulos confronted Trump with the widely reported Obstruction Of Justice charging letter signed by over 1,000 former federal prosecutors stating their conclusion that Trump was clearly guilty of this crime in several actions.

In typical insecure Trump response, Trump instantly became extremely agitated and animated and waving off with his hand and proclaimed that he could come up with "5,000" former federal prosecutors who would state the opposite of those 1,000 former prosecutors charging him with clear obstruction.

Then Trump made sure with his red faced, puffed up bullying body language the subject was dropped and it was.

I would hope that Trump's claim of 5,000 former Federal Prosecutors refuting the 1,000 who have publicly stated their opinion of Trump's Obstruction Of Justice guilt would be called to task by at least someone in the media with some gravitas.  

Where are these 5,000 former prosecutors willing to publicly defend this President against the 1,000 who were willing to put their names out there in their concern about what they see as serious, impeachment worthy crimes by Trump?

Unfortunately, this ridiculous, insecure, false reality claim bluff by Trump will not be called out by our national media as it should be and it will simply fade away into nothing with no truth violating consequences as so many of his others have.

None the less, I implore our national main stream media to ask for a public response by any of Trump's professed 5,000 former prosecutors to back up their President's claim of their defense of his actions versus the 1,000 who expressed their opinion of his guilt.

We all know we will never see a commonly endorsed counter letter by 1,000s of former federal prosecutors exonerating Trump of the charges the 1,000 have publicly signed onto.

This latest Trump false claim ( nationally broadcast ) is all about mature character and integrity.

And it simply exposes the lack of this with Trump...to a disturbingly perverse and even dangerous degree imo.


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