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Guest Bart Kamp

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I've never understood the claim that McCone could not

have been involved in the JFK assassination (or any

other assassination, for that matter) since he was a Catholic.

Many Catholics seem to have no trouble murdering people. And it seems illogical that if McCone

actually believed murder was morally wrong,he would be head of the CIA at all. And how often do

political figures' personal beliefs actually affect their actions?

This obfuscation is one reason reason McCone gets so little scrutiny.

McCone was also one of the Republicans JFK appointed to high posts (McNamara was another;

his actions on Nov. 22 are the subject of suggestively contradictory stories; another was

Dillon, who as Secretary of the Treasury had responsibility for the Secret Service). There's also RFK's supposed question

to McCone the day of the assassination in what was reported

as a long conversation while they were walking the grounds at Hickory Hill. RFK is reported

to have demanded to know if the CIA killed his brother, and to have asked

it in a way that made it impossible for McCone to lie to him (what

way could that possibly be?), and was supposedly satisfied by the

denial. That story doesn't pass the smell test.

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