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Donald Adams Lecture

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I think this was in 2004.

He has a lot of interesting observations to make.  One of the few honest guys from the inside.


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One of the enduring mysteries of this case.

Also, according to Weisberg it was not just the note that got flushed.  He says that it was some other papers in the file also.

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Just viewed the entire Don Adams presentation.

Adams mentioned Milteer's common law ( prostitute? ) wife and how on November 27, 1963 when he and another officer had arrived at her home to arrest Milteer, this woman told them Milteer had left just 15 minutes earlier and had loaded his car and bags with...?

Adams then raced and caught up with Milteer 50 miles away and pulled him out of his VW bus vehicle.  They hauled Milteer in for questioning and had his vehicle towed back to an impound yard.  Adams never mentioned what they may have found in Milteer's vehicle. Just curious what was found.

The Miami police were so concerned about Milteer before JFK was to arrive in Miami for a political speech, they set up a tape recorder in a hotel room where Milteer was encouraged to share his thoughts on any assassination attempts on JFK by their informant William Somersett.

What they heard on this tape recording was so "real threat" serious, they ( other higher agencies ) changed JFK's Miami physical travel itinerary.

I can't believe after hearing the kinds of threats Milteer was outlining to Somersett that this one hidden tape recording was the last they would do concerning Joseph Milteer.

One can be sure that a threat of Milteer's seriousness and capabilities ( relatively well off financially and connected to the most violence threatening organizations  )  would have demanded they track, surveil and tape him again.

So after this mind blowing threat tape of Milteer with Somersett the authorities never tried to secretly record him in private again?  Nuts!

Adams was on the hunt for Milteer even before 11,22,1963.  He must have looked at countless photographs in so doing.

He had personal, close up, one-on-one interaction with Milteer after he picked him up on 11,27,1963.

Adams talked to Milteer and looked at him within a couple of feet.

Adams could easily and thoroughly see Milteer's entire body, build and facial structure.

In this talk by Adams, he showed the Milteer look-a-like person photographed on the Houston street sidewalk just as JFK's limo passes in front of him on 11,22,1963 ...and seconds before the shots rang out.

Adams never once indicated in his talk that he had any doubts at all that this mean expression Milteer look-a-like on Houston street wasn't Milteer.

Of the many, many persons who for decades have downplayed and dismissed the Houston Street Milteer photo as not Milteer, how many could claim that they had spent close up, face-to-face, one-on-one interaction time with Milteer as Adams did?

Because of this significant fact, you are kind of forced to give Adam's more credibility on this Milteer in Dealey Plaza picture issue over these naysayers.

I could see an alliance of JFK hating forces making 11/22/1963 happen in different capacities.

How many Mafia hits took place right in broad daylight and right downtown in major cities with the shooters not even being caught? We now know that corrupt city police forces made sure they were purposely not in the vicinity to get to these murder scenes in enough time to catch the shooters.

It's called pulling back protection.

And to add on the insanely risky Dealey Plaza dog leg at the end of JFK's Dallas motorcade is just another sickeningly suspicious action that was the opposite of normal SS presidential motorcade security protocol.

Adams does mention the JFK limo inner windshield frame indentation.

It was deep enough in "solid steel" not to have been made by any bone fragment and a fragment of JFK's head shot bullet would have had to come in from a slightly different angle (more straight on ) from JFK's exploding skull than the actual indentation entry angle which indicated a farther out right to left one.



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Wow!  What a fascinating speaker!  There's a lot to unpack there.

I think two things jumped out at me.  One - as Joe said above - Don Adams, an FBI agent who had personally interviewed Joseph Milteer, gave a positive identification to the picture of the older white man with the glasses in the photo taken moments before the assassination.   If we believe Mr. Adams as a witness, then that's a credible identification.  

The other thing was how many times Mr. Adams pointed to things which he said he hadn't been told about Milteer at the time of his investigation (like the Miami tape) coupled with the end of his speech where he's pointing to the report prepared by his partner who clearly knew more about what was happening than Adams did.  He makes a similar point about the investigation of Joseph Milteer in 1962, a fact of which Mr. Adams was not made aware by his coworkers.  And that was the experience of a single FBI agent, one who stepped forward to talk about it.  How many others might have had similar experiences and just stayed quiet?



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Stephanie, exactly.

Much of Adam's story is about his being kept in the dark about a person of such interest to his employers that they asked him to focus all his energies on investigating him before 11,22,1963.

Adam's being ordered to limit his personal interview questions to Milteer on 11,27,1963 to the barest general context is another suspicious action by his employers.

Adams mentions the warning memo sent to all field office heads shortly before 11,22,1963 regarding threats against JFK during his trip to Dallas. Was this action of warning field office heads of such threats common and therefore generally not reacted to?

Agent James Hosty ( Dallas office Oswald assigned ) is so security casual during JFK's motorcade trip through his own downtown, he stands and watches JFK drive by and then simply walks into a cafe to have lunch while JFK still has much more huge crowd vulnerable parade travel to finish?

Shouldn't JFK security minded government personnel have more involved security duties, especially during the vulnerable exposure motorcade itself, besides having a casual lunch in a downtown cafe in the middle of this which seems ridiculously illogical for someone in Hosty's professional capacity?

Adams seemed appalled regard's Hosty's story of destroying file papers directly connected to Lee Harvey Oswald the day Oswald was shot.

A destruction of super important evidence that Hosty kept from the Warren Commission during his testimony to them, despite taking an oath to tell "The Whole Truth" before hand in what he and his agency knew about Lee Harvey Oswald before, during and after 11,22,1963.


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For more detail for anyone not familiar with former 1963 FBI agent Don Adams important book which compliment's the video;


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Oooooh, there's a book.  Thanks, Ron!  

Joe - I could almost feel the frustration in Adams' voice at not being able to ask more questions.  Again, I found myself thinking that this is just one agent's story.  How many other agents could probably tell similar stories about things which they weren't allowed to pursue?


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Stephanie, the single most important obvious question and part of any investigation of Joseph Milteer once Don Adam's hauled him in on 11,27,1963, was Milteer's physical whereabouts and activities from just before JFK was slaughtered in Dallas to the day Adams finally discovered Milteer's presence in Georgia.

Adams says Milteer was certainly out of his home town for many days during this time as Adam's was constantly monitoring Milteer's known residences the entire time.

Again, I'm not well research educated so I can't say that there isn't some official documentation that credibly tells us where Milteer was in this time period or disproves Miami police informant Willie Somersett's claims that Milteer inferred to him after the assassination that he was in Dallas when JFK was hit and that Milteer bragged to Somersett about JFK being taken out as he (Milteer) had described to Somersett he would be.

Anyone would expect an extremely vigorous even all out investigation of Milteer's activities during the assassination time period especially after listening to Milteer's taped ( and incredibly method accurate ) JFK threats made to Somersett in Miami just two weeks prior.

Wonder where I could find the official FBI's report on their findings of Milteer's whereabouts from before 11,22,1963 to 11,27,1963.

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Okay, so next question then - at this late date, is there any proof or any way to locate this proof of Milteer's whereabouts on the morning of November 22? 

One of the above links has an unnamed informant saying that on November 23, Milteer was in the Union Train Station in Jacksonville, Florida at about 4:25 p.m.  Assuming this is correct, could Milteer have traveled from Dallas to Jacksonville in 1963 in that amount of time? 

If Milteer was at the train station at 4:25 pm and then left by automobile that same evening, one possibility is that he had just arrived in Jacksonville by train from departure point unknown.  I have no idea how to research train routes in 1963, but I do know that passenger train routes were different then from what they are now.

I suppose he could have driven the distance, but the train station reference jumps out at me first.

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Yes, I've read the Mary Ferrell archives.

To a point, quite revealing as to Milteer's extreme right life and views including his advocating violence many times.

Dangerous JFK hating man.

These reports from informant sources are interesting and important.

But you wonder if the FBI had much more info on Milteer than this.

If there was one person you would expect to see on a presidential threat list as Agent Hosty of Dallas referred to...it would be Milteer.  Right at the top!

And starting with JFK's visit in Miami which the agencies chose to alter for sure partly because of Milteer's threat tape to Somersett, you would expect them to keep this specific guy under surveillance until JFK arrived back from this deep South trip.

Hosty claimed Oswald was not on this list, but would he have had some notice about somebody like Milteer being on it?  Especially after the Miami tape?

We know now he should have.

And it appears Guy Bannister could easily have been connected to Milteer in their shared White Rights activities. Bannister attended and spoke to various groups like this across those deep South states. Milteer country.

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A car trip to Jacksonville from Dallas in a day and night's time would be an effort.

999 miles.   15 and 1/2 hours drive time with few stops.

The train would probably take longer.

Other scenarios possible here are flying part ways.

Or the accounts of Milteer being in certain stated locations so soon after Dallas on 11,22,1963 are made up and planted.

Milteer was a very sneaky, crafty person.  If he was in Dallas, TX at the big event, you can be sure he would have planned location alibi's and cover stories ahead of time to disprove his presence there.

This is the guy that according to the Mary Ferrell archives sent a very detailed list of ways for his fellow White Supremacy group members to deal with any FBI interviews that he said might occur because of the JFK assassination.

This is the guy who had hidden his own little portable tape recorder in his banana bag that Agent Don Adams mistakenly allowed him to keep up to and during part of Adam's interview of Milteer on 11,27,1963.

In Milteer's secret recorded Miami tape comments to informant Willie Somersett,  we hear Milteer detail well thought out diversion plans for a shooter or shooters using a patsy to take the fall for this.

Milteer could well have been in Dallas on 11,22,1963 and used any of the above scenarios to cover his on-site presence tracks there.

Milteer was a deviously clever and dangerous JFK hating individual. And a man with some financial means to carry out his often proposed violent plans to promote his White Supremacy cause.

Looking back, I don't think JFK and RFK truly understood the real danger they were in physically his entire presidency. Their enemies meant business and murder was never off the table.

JFK mentioned to Jackie how they were in "nut country" after arriving in Texas for his visit there. More like "killer" country.





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