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FBI, DA’s office found Clay Bertrand in 1967

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Misspelled "Bertrand" -- duplicate/corrected post below
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1 hour ago, W. Niederhut said:

       This story reminds me of the CIA's lame ruse regarding J. Edgar Hoover's November 1963 memo about debriefing a "Mr. George Bush of the CIA." GHWB and his CIA minions claimed that the memo referred to a CIA accountant named George William Bush.

       If I recall correctly, from Destiny Betrayed, Jim Garrison had definitive proof that Clay Shaw often used the alias, "Clay Bertrand."  It was common knowledge in French Quarter circles.  I think Shaw had even admitted using that alias-- which was derived from the name of a 13th century Pope (?) Clement V who was famous for defending persecuted homosexuals. 

     Didn't Dean Andrews also admit that Shaw used the alias Clay Bertrand during referrals for legal defense of homosexuals in the New Orleans community?


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Opelousas is near Lafayette. That is way north of New Orleans by well over 100 miles.

If one recalls, Andrews said Bertrand used to call him on the phone about some "gay Mexicano kids" who Bertrand sent to him.  In other words it was local court. Liebeler asked Andrews if by "gay" he meant homosexual, to which Andrews said yes it did. (Destiny Betrayed, second edition, p. 87) Now, with these  Hispanics was Oswald.  Who wished to review his military discharge. One of these Hispanics visited him again later, again with Oswald.(ibid)

This Arledge guy also said on Facebook that there was no Bertrand in New Orleans in 1967.  The VIP room roster which Shaw signed as Bertrand was dated in December of 1966.  That piece of evidence was so damaging that the CIA talked a guy who could corroborate it out of his story. (ibid, p. 278)

The evidence that Shaw was Bertrand is today overwhelming.  It comes in many forms:

1. FBI declassified memoranda

2. Justice Department to the NY Times

3. Garrison's reports-this includes Shaw's former maid, and indirectly, Oswald himself

4. Private researchers' interviews, e.g. Joan Mellen and Bill Turner

5. Tangible evidence of the VIP room and the police record upon Shaw's arrest.

6. As WN says above, Dean Andrews admitted it to Weisberg but swore him to secrecy. (Ibid, Pp 387-88)

But to me, the most startling piece of evidence in this regard was the declassified memo by DeLoach that the FBI was investigating Shaw as part of their original inquiry in 1963. He then added that "several parties" furnished "information concerning Shaw" at that time.  

If Mr. Arledge is unaware of this info, then he should educate himself in a hurry because he is misinforming his readers.

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Yes, it's truly a shame that guys like Arledge are still cranking out this kind of disinformation about Garrison's investigation of Clay Shaw, in 2019.

There's no excuse for such willful ignorance (or dishonesty.)

Someone should tell Arledge to get a clue and study Destiny Betrayed.


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