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Chaos: Charles Manson, the CIA and the Secret History of the Sixties

Douglas Caddy

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20 hours ago, David Andrews said:

An accidental find on YouTube shows some Manson family arms in the LA DA's office evidence locker.  Looks like a sawed-off pump gun, perhaps an M-16, and a lever-action rifle.  Starts at 3:07:


Let me add this bit of information as well:  (By the way the Process Church was located less than 1/2 mile from Clay Shaw's home in the French Quarters in 1968)

Inside the Rat’s Maze


       Consider what was carried out in San Francisco during 1965-1968.  Consider the {intended effect}. By the 1960s, R.D. Laing and others at London’s Tavistock Institute were proclaiming that “no criteria for sanity actually exists,” and that psychedelic drugs could be used to remake an individuals concept of what is sane.  The idea in San Francisco was to create an environment where traditional notions of sanity would no longer exist, to create an artificial reality where no outside influences could intervene.

       To give a sense of this, consider the Haight-Ashbury district geographically.  It is a very small area, yet in that restricted zone, the following existed:

       The Grateful Dead lived at 710 Ashbury Street, Janis Joplin at 635 Ashbury, Country Joe and the Fish at 638 Ashbury, the Hell’s Angels at 719 Ashbury.  The Jefferson Airplane were just across the Panhandle at 2400 Fulton Street.  Charles Manson lived at 636 Cole St., and the Satanic Process Church of the Final Judgement, with which Manson was associated, was only two blocks away at 407 Cole.  The Free Medical Clinic, where the CIA’s Jolly West operated, was at the corner of Haight and Clayton, and West’s crash-pad, where he deployed a team of underlings to dispense LSD was only a few blocks away.  The Psychedelic Shop was at 1535 Haight Street; the San Francisco Oracle was a block-and-a-half away at 1371 Haight Street; and the Diggers Free Bakery was at 1350 Waller Street, one block off Haight Street..

       The Avalon Ballroom, the Family Dog and the Fillmore launched psychedelic rock concerts with music and light shows that were deliberately designed to create a dissociative mental state.  The Diggers and the S.F. Mime Troop filled the streets with absurdist theater and outlandish parades.  The onetime burlesque queen Magnolia Thunderpussy sold erotic desserts at her 1398 Haight Street café.  Spiritualism, meditation, so-called eastern-religions and other forms of “mind-expansion” were advertised on every street corner.  And for four years the neighborhood was drenched in Billy Mellon Hitchcock’s LSD. 

       This was all packed into a tiny neighborhood; it was concentrated, incessant, and it didn’t stop.  The experiment was pushed to the breaking point to see if a radical transformation could be accomplished.


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        Well, I finally read Tom O'Neill's Chaos book this week, then went back and re-read this entire, fascinating July-to-September Forum thread-- including the DiEugenio review of the book.   Better late than never.  (Ron Bulman's posts about Jolly West finally prompted me to buy the book.)

        I have a few thoughts and observations about the "forest" of Chaos in relation to the "trees."  Most of the debate here is about various trees.

       My impression is that O'Neill was striving during the past 20 years to synthesize his numerous discoveries about Manson, the LAPD, LASO, the two Smiths, Jolly West, Reeve Whitson, the CIA, et.al.,  into an integrated explanatory theory of the Family and the Tate/La Bianca murders.

      As he, himself, admits in the epilogue, he didn't get there.

      BUT, he has, certainly, unearthed a number of pieces of a putative puzzle.

1)  One of the most compelling cases he presents is the astonishing history of Charles Manson and the Family being repeatedly ignored and excused by law enforcement authorities (LASO and LAPD) after committing multiple serious felonies.  This would include Manson's curious transfer of parole to Roger Smith in Haight-Asbury, auto thefts, drug trafficking, and even murders (e.g., the Tenerelli case.)  The police suppression of the info about the Beausoliel phone call to the Spahn Ranch after the Hinman murder is, perhaps, the most shocking example, especially since no one had been arrested for the Tate/LaBianca murders at the time that Beausoliel's phone call from San Luis Obispo was taped.

O'Neill presents a convincing case, IMO, that Manson and the Family were being protected from law enforcement on a high level.  Why?

2)  O'Neill also presents a compelling case, from the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute archives, that Dr. Jolyon "Jolly" West was a long-term contractor with Dr. Sidney Gottlieb and the CIA's MK-Ultra program-- with a specific mandate (and funding) to study techniques of mind control, automatic obedience, and the induction of amnesia and mental illness.   The Lackland AFB Shaver murder case and Jack Ruby's acute-onset psychosis in April of 1964 (after a visit by Jolly West) were truly shocking to read about, and I'm a psychiatrist!

    I know a lot about psychotic disorders, and the Jack Ruby/Jolly West case strikes me as highly unusual, clinically anomalous.  It, certainly, sounds like West must have given Ruby a psychoto-mimetic drug of some type.  Has anyone studied the history of the medical staff who "treated" Jack Ruby in prison?

3)  O'Neill also presents compelling circumstantial evidence of higher-level U.S. government involvement (including Jolly West's office!) in the Haight-Asbury free clinic frequented by Charles Manson and the Family, where Manson was in frequent contact with the mysterious, tight-lipped Roger Smith.

(The staff psychiatrist at the clinic, Dr. Dernberg, told O'Neill that the Tate/LaBianca murders were a case of an MK-ULTRA experiment that worked!)




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I've read CHAOS too and want to echo Dr. Neiderhut's comments.  I'm a psychologist and the revelations in O'Neill's book about Dr. West and the coincidental emergence of "psychosis" in Jack Ruby shortly after his meeting with Dr. West is certainly anomalous.  There are too many instances of seeming "protection" given to Manson and his group, closely associated with his parole officer (who had just one client - Manson) who became a close friend, which is another anomaly.  The thought occurred to me that Dorothy Kilgallen died with information about Ruby and I wonder if she met with him before and after May 11, 1964 when Ruby's "psychosis" emerged coincidentally with Dr. West's visit; I wonder if she observed the change and put two and two together.... In any case, the depth of depravity displayed by the "Poisoner in Chief" (Sidney Gotlieb, I think, who was Dr. West's boss) and by West and others in that era (MKULTRA covers a lot of sins) perpetrated by "doctors" is startling.  Kinzer's book regarding the CIA involvement in medical experiments on human subjects without their knowledge or consent certainly fits with the horrific murders in 1969.  Looking forward to more revelations as the perpetrators and their protectors die off and leave incriminating evidence behind.  The truth will out, if we keep looking for it.

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Tom O'Neill discusses Chaos on the Joe Rogan show:

Also, gossip on the book as reported on Crazy Days and Nights:

Blind Item #2 - Reader Blind - The Book

A book was published not that long ago. It exposed the true story of one of the most famous crimes of the latter half of the twentieth century.  The author had done meticulous research and worked on this for twenty years.  Much of the popular narrative of this case is untrue.

At first, the book, which received positive reviews, didn't get much publicity but then the author appeared recently on this very popular interview program which is not on TV. After that, its popularity very much increased.

Some of the fallout....

1.) A behind the scenes review by the city where this all happened has commenced. It is a review of some of the other cases prosecuted by the deceased well known legal figure. He is exposed in the book as a corrupt mentally unstable thug who may have acted on the orders of someone else.  His personal behavior may have been used to blackmail him.

2.) A number of would be investigators are starting to look at the connection between this secret program and other famous crimes (violence at schools in particular).  In the book, a connection is shown between the program and the infamous deceased A+ figure.

3.) The male half of the second victims had embezzled $200,000 from his family business and had gambling debts.  The first group of victims had earned the wrath of drug dealing types connected to a powerful organization.  The book challenges the motivation (but not who did it) for these crimes - Were these in fact contract killings? These facts provide backing for this.

4.) The author is now considering his next project. During the course of researching this book, he came across evidence of involvement by this three initial organization and the same program in the murder of this dynastic public figure in the same city as the crime in the first book and also in these horrific mass deaths in a foreign country a decade and a half later.*


*Jonestown was actually nine years after Tate-La Bianca.

Edited by David Andrews
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Another view on Louis Jolyon West:


"For the first time in the history of the United States, criteria were to be set up for the labeling of individuals believed to be potentially criminal, even though they had committed no crime … those to be drawn upon for experimentation would be children, minority group members, and prisoners."

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Why is there a Pam Cafritz financially involved in the Keith Raniere sex slave case



And a Charlene Cafritz financially supporting Charles Manson some 50 years earlier?



Why do many of these wealthy families support satanic cults? 




Edited by Jim Harwood
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Mae Brussell identified TV personality Art Linkletter's son Robert Linkletter as the Zodiac Killer. Linkletter's daughter Diane is said to have jumped out a window of her apartment months after the Tate/Labianca killings. Some researchers say she and her brother Robert were present at the killings.






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10 minutes ago, Jim Harwood said:

Why is there a Pam Cafritz financially involved in the Keith Raniere sex slave case



And a Charlene Cafritz financially supporting Charles Manson some 50 years earlier?



Why do these wealthy families support satanic cults? 





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Sorry to be late to this thread, but I just finished O'Neill's "Chaos" book.  Its  well done, a good read, and makes a compelling case for CIA/Jolyon West involvement in the Tate/LaBianca murders (imho) even without the elusive smoking gun. O'Neill certainly did his homework, and tried to leave no stones unturned over a 20-year effort. He talked to an impressive array of witnesses and sources. 

I'm more than ever convinced that Dr. West was an evil sort, and the TLB murders (and many others not officially connected) were - as one colleague of West's described it - an MK/Ultra experiment that worked. At a minimum, Bugliosi is portrayed as unethical (and psychotic) in his own right ... Jim D. is right that he should've been disbarred for his conduct of that trial, and his shameless pursuit of the exclusive book rights. As Tom explains, he appears to have been:

" ... obligated to certain federal agencies, or had been for his entire career, to write a book like Reclaiming History, and to present a false narrative like he did in Helter Skelter.”

The coincidence of Manson's dedicated parole officer (Roger Smith), the Haight Free Clinic, and West's hippie crash pad in the Haight are way too obvious to ignore.  Someone was subverting and spreading a very negative picture of the counterculture at the time.  A bigger picture emerges of a government (i.e. CIA/FBI) intent on discrediting the peace movement, Hippies, and the Black Panthers (to name a few).  Then there's the corrupt LAPD and the clueless LASO people. The Reeve Whitson character is intriguing, and I just don't know what to  make of Sharon Tate's father.  I also suspect John Lennon's murder is simply another example of a CHAOS/COINTELPRO operation, to discredit the Beatles and demean opposition to the Vietnam War (as far fetched as it sounds).   The Hippie is now seen as a dirty/dangerous character (not the peace/love profile originally intended).   And LSD became the weapon turned against this generation. 

The Manson story and the true picture of the TLB murders is clearly not what we've been led to believe by the MSM. As Mae Brussel emphasized, these fascist people were all agent provocateurs.  A very scary picture of our government ... but as college student during that period (1967-1973), it fits with the despicable character of Ricard Nixon.  

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56 minutes ago, Gene Kelly said:

 I also suspect John Lennon's murder is simply another example of a CHAOS/COINTELPRO operation, to discredit the Beatles and demean opposition to the Vietnam War (as far fetched as it sounds).

John Winston Ono Lennon was a true freedom fighter.

That's why he was murdered.

And CIA Operación 40 assassin José Joaquin Sanjenís “Felix” Perdomo (cryptonym “AMOT-2”) pulled the trigger.

One of the last overtly political things John Lennon did before he was murdered in 1980, was donate thousands of dollars to Paul Krassner's magazine "The Realist", so Mae Brussell could print her research into the connections real World War II-era Nazis had to the murder of President Kennedy!

Truly consider that fact for a moment, and let it sink in.

John Lennon donated thousands of dollars of his own monies to Mae Brussell because she was exposing Nazis connected to the murder of President Kennedy!

And the second-in-command of the Central Intelligence Agency's AMOT hunter-killer teams, José Perdomo, is the first person to confront Mark David Chapman just seconds after John Lennon is shot to death?!

In 1960, José Perdomo's commander was David “El Indio” Sánchez Morales (pseudonym “Stanley R. Zamka”) was formerly a senior agent for the "Gehlen Organization", an organization nominally controlled by Nazis and fascist war-criminals, while stationed at the Berlin Operating Base!

Edited by Robert Montenegro
I cannot type word "N a z i", because of "reasons"...
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