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Message from Robert Morrow on available rare books

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Two extremely rare JFK books have been added to my free Box account download page:

1) the first one is Robert Oswald's book on his brother which is entitled Lee: A Portrait of Lee Harvey Oswald by His Brother, published in 1967.


2) the second one is Brush With History: A Day in the Life of Deputy E. R. Walters by Eric Tagg, published in 1998


Website to Download Rare and very Valuable JFK Assassination Books:



Please share this JFK book website with your friends. I focus on books that are valuable, out of print and extremely rare.


If you have any rare JFK books that you think should be converted into a PDF file, please let me know of them.



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Message today from Robert Morrow:


Two additional books have just been uploaded to my Box account of rare JFK books. They are Mark Lane's A Citizen's Dissent (from April 1968) and Thomas Buchanan's blockbuster 1964 book Who Killed Kennedy which correctly identified Texas billionaires as behind the JFK assassination and also identified the Kennedy attack on the oil depletion allowance and the move to peace as factors in the JFK assassination.


Again my Box account is located at:





Here is a PDF link to the extremely hard to find Billie Sol Estes book: Billie Sol Estes: A Texas Legend which was published in 2004 http://www.narrowbandimaging.com/incoming/Billy%20Sol%20Estes%20A%20Texas%20Legend%20by%20Billie%20Sol%20Estes%20(2005).pdf


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Just a quick reminder to Robert if he's reading or listening.

After I spoke to Robert about it, and contacted Peter with the thought, Peter Dale Scott gave his approval for his early manuscript THE DALLAS CONSPIRACY to be scanned and uploaded if Robert still had a copy somewhere. Peter did make the request though that he wanted to write some new introductory comments for it if this happened.

Robert at one time thought he had a copy of the manuscript floating around, and then was unable to find it. If THE DALLAS CONSPIRACY does turn up, there is still interest, and Peter has given the thumbs up. If Robert scanned it I'd get whatever comments Peter wanted to offer and add them to a page which could go right at the front of the PDF. Anyway, if that copy at Robert's house has been found, the interest is still there.

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8 hours ago, Stephanie Goldberg said:

I'm in the US, and I do not understand how to access the book online via archives, either. I did a quick search and nothing resembling that appeared.

See Box 43, Folders 4, 5, and 6.


I don't know if these are scanned and available online or not.

Steve Thomas

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