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Two Oswalds in the Texas Theater

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I don’t. Michael looked much like him, so there is a chance it is him. Allegedly her wife was CIA and Michael was overheard saying over the phone “We both know who is responsible”. And she is the one who helped Lee to find his job in the TSBD. When Detective Guy Rose 🌹 arrived at his residence Ruth she told 🌹 “We were expecting you...” 

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5 hours ago, Cory Santos said:

Where are the witnesses to the second arrest.  You have 2 at best.

Deputy Sheriff Bill Courson wrote, “I started up the stairs of the balcony because that is where the call said that he was hiding. I'm reasonably satisfied in my own mind that I met Oswald coming down. I was looking for a man in a white or light colored jacket because at that time I hadn't been told that he had discarded the jacket and that it had been found.”  He added that the man was wearing a patterned shirt.

Deputy Sheriff Buddy Walthers saw Cunningham, Taylor, and Toney questioning a young white man on the stairs.  These men were told by the “manager on duty” that the young man “had been in the theater since about 12:05 pm” and so they released him.  The information was erroneous.  The theater didn’t open until 12:45, and manager John Callahan left before the police arrived.  The only employees present were Postal, Burroughs, and the projectionist, none of whom identified themselves as the “manager on duty.”  

Who provided this man with a false alibi?  If this is the same guy who was led out the back door and put in a squad car, I don't know if it should be considered an arrest or not, despite the two Dallas Police reports that say Oswald was arrested in the balcony.  

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From Jim Douglass:

According to Warren H. “Butch” Burroughs, the concession stand operator at the Texas Theater, Lee Harvey Oswald entered the theater sometime between 1:00 and 1:07 P.M., several minutes before Officer Tippit was slain seven blocks away.[428] If true, Butch Burroughs’s observation would eliminate Oswald as a candidate for Tippet’s murder. Perhaps for that reason, Burroughs was asked by a Warren Commission attorney the apparently straightforward question, “Did you see [Oswald] come in the theater?” and answered honestly, “No, sir; I didn’t.”[429] What someone reading this testimony would not know is that Butch Burroughs was unable to see anyone enter the theater from where he was standing at his concession stand, unless that person came into the area where he was working. As he explained to me in an interview, there was a partition between his concession stand and the front door. Someone could enter the theater, go directly up a flight of stairs to the balcony, and not be seen from the concession stand.[430] That, Burroughs said, is what Oswald apparently did. However, Burroughs still knew Oswald had come into the theater “between 1:00 and 1:07 P.M.” because he saw him inside the theater soon after that. As he told me, he sold popcorn to Oswald at 1:15 P.M.[431]—information that the Warren Commission did not solicit from him in his testimony. When Oswald bought his popcorn at 1:15 P.M., this was exactly the same time the Warren Report said Officer Tippit was being shot to death[432]—evidently by someone else.

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2 hours ago, David Von Pein said:

FWIW #2....


Typical Bugliosi bull poop. Burroughs was being asked about the second Oswald, not the first. He wasn't asked about the first one.

Dont'cha love the Bug's  last sentence :"He didn't add that he was good at telling stories' Somewhat like the author no doubt.

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2 hours ago, Ray Mitcham said:

Typical Bugliosi bull poop. Burroughs was being asked about the second Oswald, not the first. He wasn't asked about the first one.

So, you don't think Butch Burroughs had any obligation at all to tell Joe Ball of the Warren Commission about having sold popcorn to Lee Oswald at about 1:15 PM on 11/22/63, right? Even though Burroughs had to know that such information would be extremely important to the Commission's pending investigation, correct?

Or, as Vincent Bugliosi put it in 1986 when questioning Paul O'Connor at the Oswald Mock Trial....

"So, in other words, [Mr. Burroughs]...if those investigators for the [Warren Commission] didn't ask you the magic question, by golly you're not about to tell 'em!! Is that correct?"


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On 6/9/2007 at 7:13 PM, Jim Glover said:



Now here is what I know about the double Oswald.

The WC dismissed all evidence, including FBI because they thought there was only one Oswald. Allen Dulles was in charge of what secret files could be seen.

I myself saw a taller looking Oswald in the custody of two Dallas Cops get on a shadow or 2nd Hollywood Hootenanny Tour bus shortly after the assassination, as I have told the FBI and Justice Dept.

I talked to Butch Burrows who was the usher at the Texas Theater where Oswald was arrested and Butch told me and Later our concert at the Theater in 93 that the police were taking a taller looking Oswald out of the side door at the same time that Oswald was being taken out the front door and Butch showed me the side door.

The research community has never gone into this even though I invited them all to the concert for JFK truth that night.







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The Dallas police lost the list of patrons at the Texas Theater when “Oswald” was being arrested.  Such an insignificant event!!  What were they afraid of?

Since it is up to private citizens to do the job the authorities didn’t, a number of researchers found and interviewed Jack Davis, who, as an 18-year-old young man, was sitting in the back row of the theater at the time.  Davis thought it odd when “Oswald” chose a seat adjacent to him in a 900-seat theater, and then got up to sit next to another patron.  Davis confirms Burroughs’ statement when he said he saw Oswald get up from another seat and walk to the theater’s lobby.  Davis said it was about 20 minutes or so later when the house lights went up and the cops arrived.

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