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NATO's Secret Armies, Operation Gladio and JFK

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Robert - this is what happens when this thread surfaces. Most here tune out and find some less controversial subject. This also true of threads implicating Army Reserve Intelligence. 

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No doubt in my mind that LHO was agent provocateur. Which makes his friendship with George DeM more interesting. George’s book I Am a Patsy is an interesting read, and kind of convincing. I once asked Paul Hoch, who now thinks the WC got it right!!, whether Oswald was left or right. He didn’t answer, said it was obvious from reading about him. That answer puzzled me. After all, I was only talking with him on the suggestion of Peter Dale Scott, who clearly thought highly of Hoch. This was 30 years ago. 
The area I have been most interested in for a long time is MI, specifically Crichton and the 488th. We have tried here, Steve thomas in particular, to find more concrete proof of Crichton’s unit. We can’t find it anywhere in military files. So my gut feeling is that it was part of a different chain of command, linked directly to ACSI in DC. I believe it existed no matter how flimsy the evidence, because of something I read in one of Brandstetter’s co-written autobiographies. Brandy claimed that he joined that MID at the suggestion of a Colonel Rose at ACSI, who Brandy referred to as his Big Brother, and to whom he reported for two decades. Really interesting book Brandy - Portrait of an Intelligence Officer. He was close enough to DeVosjoli (think Angleton/Golitsyn) that ‘Topaz’ hightailed it to Brandy right after the JfK assassination. Scott told me that it was not to Brandy’s Acapulco estate but to his home is Texas. He worked for Thomas Crown and Hilton, in fact was managing the Havana Hilton when Castro drove Batista out. 

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2 hours ago, Chuck Schwartz said:

Robert, do you have a view of the role (if any) that Curtis Lemay played in the Big Event/coverup of the Big Event? If so, what is that view?  Thank you.

I would add US Army general Lyman Lemnitzer, in a unique position as head of NATO and European Gladio to outsource Army operations to a gaggle of Nazi/fascist assassins.

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16 hours ago, Robert Montenegro said:

Operation Valkyrie plotter Dr. Hans Bernd Gisevius found refuge in Switzerland by the hands of OSS agents Mary Bancroft and Allen Dulles

Robert, Thank you for this excellent post. I just want to add two items.

1: As a sort of interesting footnote to your insightful remarks on blackmail and homosexuality: In her memoir, Autobiography of a Spy, Mary Bancroft, who was a long -time mistress of Allen Dulles even before he recruited her as an OSS asset, claimed that Dulles was so sexually naive that he did not even know about homosexuals until she happened to make a passing reference to the subject. As I recall, she presents this anecdote in the context of being what she regarded as a humorous aside. Also, she notes that there was a very large "gay Mafia" that existed in the intel community at that time. I believe it was as a result of introducing the latter subject that she realized Dulles had no idea what she was referring to. (Something to do with putting a very handsome agent in proximity of someone else that Dulles was interested in using for something, if I recall correctly.) Subsequently he even asked her how they went about "doing it" sexually. Of course, knowing Dulles as we do, one cannot doubt that the first thought he had was how to use this phenomenon to some sort of intel advantage. In later years Bancroft came to doubt the conclusions of the Warren Commission and confronted Dulles about the assassination of JFK, but to no avail. I believe that story is told by David Talbot in his excellent Dulles bio.

One of the really shameful things about Bancroft's book, which I read a number of years ago while doing research on Carl Jung (Bancroft's former psychotherapist) is that she never mentions the war crimes of Gisevius or explains why he was such a scoundrel. Instead he's portrayed as a sympathetic character. 

It was also around this time that Jung was asked by Dulles to make the first psychological profile on a world leader: Hitler. Jung also leaked vital strategic information from his German patients to the Allies and assisted in the repatriation of many Jews (see Deirdre Bair's Jung biography for details on this), although he was later accused, unjustly, of being a Nazi sympathizer. Jung's recommendation to partition Germany after the war was sent to General Eisenhower who read Jung's report and took up the recommendation.)

2: In my article on NATO's Secret Armies, I included a footnote that chronicles the other SACEUR leaders before and after Lemnitzer; and I also discussed my suspicions about Lemnitzer's role in the assassination. However I think it's a big mistake to try to pinpoint a single "mastermind" behind it all, as certain authors have recently done when they cited Lemnitzer. He was not the only one who wanted JFK killed, and he would not have been able to act alone, as we all know. For anyone interested here is the list from 1951-1992. Notice that Haig was serving while some of the worst Gladio abuses were sweeping through Italy and elsewhere in Europe. Not enough has been done on Haig / Gladio. But Phillip Willan does include a lot about him and Nixon in his Puppermasters book. My original footnote reproduced below:

"The first person to serve in the position as SACEUR was General Dwight D. Eisenhower (1951-1952). Eisenhower was followed by General Alfred M. Gruenther (1953-1956) and General Lauris Norstad (1956-1962). Kennedy replaced Norstad with Lemnitzer in 1963. After Lemnitzer’s departure in 1969, the other generals appointed to SACEUR during the Cold War (all Americans) were Andrew J. Goodpaster (1969-1974), Alexander M. Haig (1974-1979), and Bernard W. Rogers (1979-1987). These men stood at the helm of NATO during a period of the bloodiest terrorist violence in Western Europe. (In Italy alone there were 398 terrorist attacks in 1969, a figure that continued to rise, reaching its peak at 2,513 in 1979.) Rogers was followed by General John R. Galvin, who served from 1987-1992."

Thanks again, Robert.


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7 hours ago, Robert Montenegro said:

As for the idea of "gay Mafia's" in the intelligence community, I suppose it is possible.

Hi again Robert,

Just to clarify a bit, what Bancroft meant was that within OSS (and / or perhaps some other entity, such as, say Dept State: it's been a few years since I read this so I can't recall), there was a sort of underground clique of men working there who were aware of each other's gay sexuality and who bonded and helped each other as a result. And so Bancroft was suggesting to Dulles that he tap into this group for his own purposes. By Mafia I did not mean to imply they were a ruling clique; just that they were a sort of self-enclosed network. The book is still available as a used book - check  bookfinder com if you're interested - might make for an interesting footnote in your research. 

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