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     There are 38 days left before Election Day, November 3.

     Trump is trailing Biden in most national and state polls. He needs to do something dramatic to shift the momentum his way.

     This topic on June 19 posted an excerpt from an orchestrated Facebook podcast that contained this exchange between Donald Trump, Jr. and Trump:

DJTjr: Are there aliens? Will you declassify aliens and Roswell?

POTUS: Millions want to know. It’s very interesting. I’ll have to think about it.

      A recent development may give us a hint of what is about to happen.

     On September 23 this topic posted an AP report on the exchange of correspondence over the years between former President Richard Nixon and Trump (see posting directly above.) Why is this exchange of letters being made public at this time? It could be that Trump is getting ready to reveal the Alien Presence in conjunction with the Nixon’s Message to the American People about the Alien Presence that Nixon left in the White House Library in 1972. The Message was discovered in 2018 after Robert Merritt revealed its existence in my autobiography Being There: Eyewitness to History that was published in 2018.

     It could be that Trump, a notorious fabricator, will claim that Nixon left the Message for him to reveal as part of his upcoming public announcement of the Alien Presence and that their exchange of correspondence over the years supports this.

     There is also the possibility that Trump will wait until after the presidential election and if he is defeated then reveal the Alien Presence citing Nixon’s 1972 Message. He would use this event to declare the election null and void and impose martial law while assuming the role of dictator.

     The great unknown in these scenarios is how the Alien Presence will react to his actions as its plan in the works for 50 years has been to offer the peoples of Earth a New World if we will take it. The most likely scenario is that the peoples of Earth would gladly accept the offer of the Alien Presence. Trump, Putin and Xi would then suddenly evaporate, never to be seen or heard from again.


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'It’s not a question of belief': the film examining government UFO records

The Phenomenon studies the history of UFO claims from the 1940s to this summer’s revelation of a Department of Defense investigation into military sightings



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[I  think Trump plans to disclose the Alien Presence in an attempt to win the election. But he may never get the opportunity to do so. We shall have to wait and see.]

What If He Dies?

We're not supposed to talk about it. But we're all thinking about it.

By Greg Olear

 12 hr





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[This topic has maintained from the beginning that the Pandemic was created by the Alien Presence as a prelude to its offering the peoples of Earth a New World if we will take it.]


Scientists Are Increasingly Bracing For The Possibility That COVID-19 May Never Go Away



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     Two questions are addressed here:  (1) How effective in the Pfizer vaccine and (2) Will President Trump reveal the existence of the Alien Presence before he leaves office?

     (1) There are serious issues arising from the Pfizer vaccine.

     These are discussed by Dr. Michael Osterholm in a recent article, Osterholm joins Biden's COVID task force, hopes to work with Trump team:

First of all, it is good news that this vaccine was found to be 90 percent effective. But how good that news is yet to be determined. What I mean by that is that what we don't know — was that preventing 90 percent of illnesses characterized by fever, cough and upset stomachs, or was that 90 percent protection against severe disease, hospitalization and even deaths?

“And none of those data were available to us to assess just how well the vaccine worked against severe disease. That's what we're trying to really limit. And we know from the influenza world that we use vaccines for those who are most at risk of serious illness, older populations, people with increased body mass indexes, but [these groups of people are] also where the vaccines don't work as well.

“So our challenge is going to be waiting to see when the rest of the data become available and what that means. The other thing we're going to be obviously looking at down the road, and something that no company could look at yet, is the durability of the immunity — what is it like one years, two years and three years out? Are we going to need to use booster doses in future years? That should not be a reason not to use the vaccine now, but that will also have tremendous public health implications.”


      (2) Previous postings in this topic discussed Trump’s publicly expressed interest in UFOs and Roswell.

      As he grows ever more desperate to hang on to the presidency before being forced out of office on January 20, 2021, Trump may decide to publicly disclose the Alien Presence and President Nixon’s Message to the American People that Nixon hid in the White House Library in 1972 where it was discovered in 2018. He would then declare only he is capable of dealing with the offer by the Alien Presence to give the world’s peoples “a new world if we will take it.” He might even declare national martial law as part of his announcement, maintaining that the recent election of President-Elect Joe Biden is no longer relevant and only he can exercise power in this period of emergency.

      Once he is out office any attempt by Trump to disclose publicly the Alien Presence would be met with derision. So he has to act within the limited time before Biden is inaugurated.



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History Channel is airing the first of a 3-part program tomorrow on Jesse Marcel's diary, which details his Roswell experiences.


Now, more than 30 years on from his death on June 24 1986, his grandchildren - Jesse Marcel III and John Marcel - claim he was ‘ordered’ to deny what was actually discovered at the crash site.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, his grandson Jesse Marcel III said: “He was made to be the fall guy.

“He was the head of intelligence in Roswell, New Mexico and followed his orders.

“In essence, he was at the heart of the story and heart of the conspiracy or cover-up.”


The wreckage was first discovered by WW ‘Mac’ Brazel, who spotted ‘odd pieces of metal and debris’ scattered across Foster Ranch.

Jesse Marcel III said: “Even animals had a sense about whatever it was and did not want to go around it.

“He (Marcel) had examined the debris in the field and determined it was not made by human hands.”

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On 12/8/2020 at 9:03 AM, Douglas Caddy said:

Former Israeli space security chief says aliens exist, humanity not ready


I believe that after Trump, humanity is ready for anything....

Why do smart people lie about alien encounters?

An Israeli Defense Minister joins a cadre of politically respectable people with specious claims of meeting E.T.


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