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Here are excerpts from Richard Bartholomew's "Apollo Denial: The Moon Landing Hoax Hoax."  from the October 2019 issue of garrison magazine:

Bartholomew writes:

"Apollo denial is to the secret space program what the single-bullet theory is to the JFK assassination. Plausibility is not required. Its purpose is to cause endless argument. Keep debating. Keep waiting for the next book, the next declassified file, the next conference, next forum, next photo, etc., forever. It is the Gordian knot, a Kobayashi Maru, a game that can only be won by not playing.

"Like the assassination conspiracies, the secret space program is a false mystery, an open secret easy to see for anyone willing to look. Those of us who have witnessed UFOs saw its secret technology with our own eyes, not on film. Those of you who have never seen a UFO still have the luxury of skepticism. Your worldview has not yet been drastically changed forever. For you, a good start toward truth is the 2008 PBS NOVA documentary "Astrospies"... Another is an award-winning defense and aerospace journalist Nick Cook, whose 2001 book, The Hunt for Zero Point, first detailed... Nazi antigravity research that became the basis for secret US military aircraft mistaken for UFOs...For an in-depth perspective, I recommend historian Richard Dolan, whose research of secret space programs puts such reports in the context of the long history of credible sightings.

"The Apollo Moon landings were real, and so is the existence of the secret space program. Both subjects are rife with disinformation designed to distract people of goodwill and confuse us about the facts. Studying these subjects requires critical thought, careful knowledge, caution to keep healthy skepticism from becoming denial, and above all, creative solutions."

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I highly recommend listening to this free podcast that has fascinating information and a surprising revelation near its end:

ET Contact and What to Do About It

November 8, 2019




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From the article: The phenomenon appears just out of reach of the collective human focus, the peripheral vision of our conscious reality. Basically, they appear in the attic, above our heads and in a place not populated by our consciousness.

People say it is the prime directive of the aliens, which is highly speculative, why are we assuming ‘the others’ think as we do, or that they are aliens.

What if it is not alien, what if it is something else entirely that we are experiencing, what if the phenomenon is in the nexus between human consciousness and quantum mechanics as stated by former AATIP director Luis Elizondo.

What if there is no them without us?


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UFOs: Revelations & Citizen Journalists
Date Sunday - November 24, 2019 
Host George Knapp
GuestsPeter LevendaDanny SilvaJoe Murgia

In the first half, UFO researcher Peter Levenda joined George Knapp to discuss his new book co-written with Tom DeLonge from To The Stars Academy (TTSA), delving into UFO and alien mysteries. These include the experiences of contactees and abductees, and theories revolving around genetics, consciousness, and a human-machine symbiosis. Levenda suggested we could look at the physical descriptions or morphology of the typical small "grey" aliens to better understand them. They are said to have no nose and a spindly body, he noted, and this seems to indicate that oxygen may not be that important to them. And their lack of ears and very tiny mouth implies they don't communicate through voice (indeed, abductees have said that communications are often telepathic in nature). "You can come away with an impression," he remarked, "that maybe this a machine and not an organic being."

The abductees report that their human biology and reproduction abilities are of significant interest to the greys. This could be because humans are a kind of self-replicating machine for DNA, he theorized, "and perhaps the machines that are investigating us do not self-replicate," and thus are fascinated by a technology they don't completely understand. As to why advanced beings would need to conduct somewhat crude experiments on humans, Levenda pointed out that if the greys are a machine or biological robot, they may be programmed to conduct specific experiments. He also addressed animosity in the UFO community to TTSA-- many view DeLonge as an outsider and interloper, and are suspicious of military affiliations with his organization. Rather than aimed at UFO insiders, the To the Stars project, he explained, is directed at the world-at-large, and serves to legitimize the field for scientists and academics.



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President Nixon in the early 1970’s devised the Huston Plan, which remains non-disclosed to this day, not only to employ illegal and quasi-illegal means to protect the national security from domestic and foreign enemies but to also slowly prepare key government intelligence and law enforcement agencies to respond properly to those particular Alien Presence entities who had adverse and evil intentions toward Planet Earth.

As he told Robert Merritt at their final meeting in July 1972 at which Nixon recognized that the emerging Watergate scandal would end his presidency, it would be decades before Americans would come to realize what he had done to protect them and assure their survival.


Great mystery of the 1970s: Nixon, Watergate and the Huston Plan

By Douglas Brinkley, CNN Presidential Historian, and Luke A. Nichter

Updated 1810 GMT (0210 HKT) June 17, 2015




CNN The CNN documentary series "The Seventies" is a wonderful exercise in putting a tumultuous decade in perspective. This June 17 marks the 43rd anniversary of the Watergate break-in.

Enough time has passed to have a well-grounded perspective on the fall of Richard Nixon. What historians agree on is that the break-in itself was less significant than the web of improprieties and illegalities the investigation into the burglary uncovered. What started as a routine FBI investigation and prosecution by the U.S. attorney -- that became U.S. vs. Liddy et al. -- metamorphosed into a bizarre unraveling of events.

The most significant phases of the investigation into the abuses of government power under the umbrella term "Watergate" -- the Church Committee, the Rockefeller Commission, and U.S. vs. Gray, Felt, and Miller -- did not occur until after Nixon resigned in disgrace. These led to landmark reforms that changed the relationship between the government and the governed, including passage of the Presidential Records and Materials Preservation Act, the Presidential Records Act and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, as well as the creation of standing intelligence oversight committees in Congress.

It all started with a "third-rate burglary," to use the phrase coined by Nixon White House press secretary Ronald Ziegler. Yet all these years later, we still do not have answers to the some of the most fundamental questions surrounding the Watergate burglary. Who ordered it? What were the burglars looking for? On what authority did they act?

The Huston Plan

Read More

Recent releases of declassified Nixon White House tapes -- which we've transcribed and edited into books -- suggest the National Security Agency at least partially implemented provisions of the Huston Plan, a 1970 work product of the Interagency Committee on Intelligence.

Chaired by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, ICI membership included the major intelligence agencies, including Richard Helms of the CIA, Donald Bennett of the Defense Intelligence Agency, William Sullivan of the FBI, and Noel Gayler of the National Security Agency. The White House liaison was Tom Charles Huston, a conservative-minded attorney and former intelligence official, whose name will be forever associated with the mysterious report.

The Huston Plan gave new domestic and international powers to the intelligence community, including break-ins, domestic surveillance, and surreptitious entries. It remains classified "Top Secret" today. Ironically, we know more about illicit domestic surveillance performed by the intelligence community in recent years, due to hackers, than we do about such activities from more than four decades ago. Some scholars have even floated the idea that the Huston Plan was a forerunner to the authorities granted to the intelligence community in section of 215 of the Patriot Act, which authorizes the bulk metadata collection program.

On May 16, 1973, White House special counsel J. Fred Buzhardt reported to Nixon that top NSA officials, including Deputy Director Louis Tordella, had told him the Huston Plan had been put into effect, according to a tape released in August 2013 by the National Archives.

When the existence of the Huston Plan first became public during Watergate, we were led to believe that it was never implemented. Nixon ordered the plan and then recalled it, so the story went.

However, the reason the Huston Plan remains classified today is likely because at least portions of it were indeed implemented after all. The basis for its continued classification is to protect secrets that were operational.

Documents still classified

More broadly, the role of the intelligence community during the Watergate period remains one of the most enduring mysteries of the '70s.

Once our fleeting attention moved onto the Nixon White House during the spring of 1973, it stayed there. Still, people tried to ask the right questions.

"The question will arise, undoubtedly," Judge John Sirica said during the trial of the burglars, "what was the motive for doing what you people say you did." Principal U.S. Attorney Earl Silbert also questioned the conventional wisdom behind Watergate in his diary, which he thought was important enough to future research to deposit at the National Archives.

Our chance to learn about the Huston Plan and whether it was the authority upon which the Watergate burglary took place slipped away when former White House counsel John W. Dean III turned over the White House copy to the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia on May 14, 1973.

Dean took the plan with him when he was fired on April 30. As a result of his giving the document to the courts, it became out of the reach of congressional subpoena and out of the reach of the Freedom of Information Act, even though it was a document created by the executive branch and should have been reviewable under the FOIA. The document and associated records have been in the custody of the court ever since. (Incidentally, we have a petition backed by the American Historical Association to review and hopefully release these records. In addition, there are still 700 hours of Nixon White House tapes that have not been released by the Archives.)

When word reached the intelligence community that the Huston Plan was no longer in the custody of the White House, panic swept across the FBI, CIA, and NSA on May 17. The FBI feared it could end up in the hands of congressional investigators then looking into Watergate, with the result being that "inference is likely to be drawn by Congressional committees that this committee (the ICI) was a prelude to the Watergate affair and the Ellsberg psychiatrist burglary."

In the end, the intelligence community won. The Ervin Committee became, in effect, an unclassified inquiry into Watergate. Sens. Sam Ervin and Howard Baker were never given more than generic summaries of the Huston Plan. Baker and his counsel Fred Thompson were always skeptical, but their minority reports never went anywhere.

Later inquiries, such as the Church Committee, were the beginning of the classified investigation into Watergate and abuses of government power, but even the Church Committee published no more than excerpts of the Huston Plan in its multivolume public report.

When the Watergate investigation sharply focused on Richard Nixon, the problem was never an insufficient number of crimes or wrongdoing to send him to trial, whether in the U.S. Senate or a later criminal or civil courtroom. The elephant in the room was the quantity of classified material that would be made public either in his prosecution or his defense. That would have been unacceptable to the intelligence community and to the future ability of the government to function.

Cutting Nixon out

There was indeed a "cancer on the presidency," as Dean said to Nixon on March 21, and the apparent answer of the national security establishment was to cut it out -- to cut Nixon out. The President had to resign, and he had to be pardoned to ensure that inquiries into broader U.S. government wrongdoing could not continue indefinitely.

More than 40 years after Nixon's resignation, we still have him to kick around, to borrow his phrase. It will remain this way for as long as the Huston Plan remains classified. Virtually all of the Watergate grand jury records remain closed except for Nixon's testimony. A huge mystery of the '70s that still needs to be answered is whether the Watergate burglars, plumbers and Ellsberg psychiatrist office break-in artists derived their authority from the Huston Plan and its enhanced domestic surveillance provisions.

As we watch "The Seventies" on CNN this summer and reflect on how Watergate changed our nation, keep the Huston Plan in mind. Hopefully these essential records will finally be released so that the American public can know the truth of this difficult decade in our nation's history.


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An excellent article on Nixon's sponsorship of the Huston Plan, which in Nixon's mind was to be used slowly to educate the intelligence community and law enforcement on how to protect our national security and assure our survival when the Alien Presence was unveiled. Nixon told Robert Merritt at their third and final meeting in July 1972 that he had developed dossiers on all of these agencies and found then wanting. He said that he was tired of reading useless reports whose purpose was to magnify the agencies supposed accomplishments. He wanted a third term as president to lay the proper groundwork for the unveiling of the Alien Presence.

A personal historical note:: William F. Buckley and I founded Young Americans for Freedom, not M. Stanton Evans as stated in the article. I organized the founding conference at Great Elm, the Buckley family compound in Sharon, Connecticut in September 1960 and was elected the first National Director of YAF. YAF was the culmination of my organizing the National Committee for the Loyalty Oath in 1958  and Youth For Goldwater for Vice President in 1959 while I was an undergraduate in the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. Tom Huston as a college undergraduate was active in these organizations.


How We Got Here: The Education of Tom Charles Huston








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The Interstellar Comet Has Arrived in Time for the Holidays

This weekend an ice cube from beyond our solar system will makes its closest approach to the sun, trailing mystery and dust.

Dec. 7, 2019


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Is President Trump sending the world a signal about control of the universe as described by President Nixon to Robert Merritt?


From Robert Merritt’s third and final meeting with President Nixon about the second week of July 1972, as recounted in the beginning of this thread at the top:

“Nixon then produced a letter-size briefcase and withdrew a handwritten letter of three pages. He told Merritt that this was the most important document he had ever prepared. He stated that he alone had written with assistance from no one.

“He said it was addressed to Henry Kissinger. He told Merritt that he was going to give the letter to Merritt to deliver to Kissinger in person or by mail. He told Merritt to remain quiet and not say a word as he read the letter out loud. Merritt wondered if Nixon was secretly taping what he was reading out loud.

“In essence, Nixon talked about “life as we do not know it.” He said that during the previous twenty years Knowledge had been obtained that could make the human race on Earth “the supreme beings in the universe.” This Knowledge came in part from helpful information provided from an extra-terrestrial being from Planet X, Nibiro, who was in a secure location in a building in the U.S.  Nixon said the Knowledge came as the result of discovery made by scientists working at the Los Alamos Laboratories in New Mexico who studied the extraterrestrial being’s information.  Nixon said, “This all important Knowledge that we possess came from our discovery.”

“Nixon declared whoever possessed this Knowledge could be the most important person in the world. All would bow down to whoever possessed this Knowledge. The Knowledge was “astronomical, nefarious and devastating.”

“Nixon said that possession of the Knowledge had to be structured so that it was used only for the good of mankind.  His fear was that a small group seeking power would get hold of it and utilize it to the group’s evil benefit only.

“Nixon said this ultimate Knowledge was contained in two lines in the letter.


From the Business Insider article of December 10, 2019 titled, “Trump's team released a video of him as Thanos, the villain who commits genocide in the 'Avengers' movies, and people are puzzled”:

A screenshot of a video tweeted by the Trump War Room Twitter account on December 10:

One of the Trump team's Twitter accounts — called Trump War Room — posted a video that superimposes the president's face onto the Marvel supervillain Thanos from the "Avengers" movie franchise.

Thanos' goal in life is to wipe out half of all life in the universe. In the Twitter video, the Trump-Thanos character snaps his fingers to make Pelosi, Rep. Adam Schiff, and Rep. Jerry Nadler disappear.


In the "Avengers" franchise, superheroes struggle to prevent a supervillain from wiping out half of all life in the universe.

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump's team released a video depicting the president as that bad guy: Thanos.




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The Space Force Will Become the Sixth Branch of the U.S. Military

After more than 60 years, the U.S. military adds another member to the family.



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     I am among those pleased that President Donald Trump has been impeached. When I heard his acceptance speech as the presidential nominee at the 2016 Republican National Convention I realized then that he posed a danger to our democracy and to the Constitution.

     That said, I think he is the right president to be presiding as we approach possible disclosure of the Alien Presence on planet Earth in 2020 as was implicit in the prediction by President Nixon to Robert Merritt in July 1972.

     Why? Because Trump in the three years that he has been in power has brought immense change and great discord in a most dangerous way not only to America but to the world at large. Thus when the cataclysmic event occurs next year the people of the world will be better prepared psychologically to adjust to it having been exposed to Trump's assaults on civilization.  A cataclysmic event by definition is one of sudden change and upheaval.    

     This week I was interviewed by Daniel Liszt on Dark Journalist. The interview will be placed on YouTube soon and when it is I shall post it here. In it I express the above views.

Edited by Douglas Caddy
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