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 From the summary of last night's interview of UFO scholar Richard Dolan on coasttocoastam:

Dolan also discussed a document purporting to be notes of a conversation with retired Navy Admiral Thomas Wilson in which he expressed frustration with being denied access to information about supposed UFO technology. Dolan said he has confirmed that the meeting took place and that Wilson was told by a private contractor that he did not have permission to access the information but that he was informed that "we will tell you this is E.T. related and that we have made painfully slow progress in understanding it." Dolan has concluded that, with regards to UFO information, that "the special access programs are all privatized."



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      President Richard Nixon 48 years ago predicted that the year 2020, would be cataclysmic not only for America but for the whole planet. A cataclysmic event is one of violent change and upheaval. He made this prediction to Robert Merritt at a meeting in July 1972 in a room deep beneath the White House at which he described “life as we do not know it” about an Alien Presence from elsewhere in the universe.

     If this is the year that the Alien Presence will establish formal contact with the inhabitants of Planet Earth, how will they make their initial appearance? No one on Earth knows the answer to that.

      But here is a possible scenario.

      One day this year the inhabitants of Planet Earth will awake and find two immensely large space crafts had stationed themselves on each side of the Earth and at miles above earth that make them look as large as the Moon only because of their being close to Earth. They would be clearly visible during daytime and glow at night and would remain in their stationary positions as the earth revolved every 24 hours so that they could be seen by the world’s population at most times. One would face the Northern Hemisphere and the other the Southern Hemisphere. Anyone with a telescope would discern that portions of the space crafts were transparent with their inhabitants moving around inside.

     At the end of two weeks during which time the world’s peoples trembled in fear in anticipation at what would happen next, a small craft would depart from the immense space craft that was visible during the day time in the Northern Hemisphere. It could be seen traveling towards earth. It would land in New York City adjacent to the United Nations. Its Alien Presence delegation would disembark and enter the United Nations where the delegation’s leader would address the UN’s General Assembly and those watching on television around the world not by speaking aloud but by using thought transmission.

     What the leader communicates and what happens next is anyone’s guess.




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Ray Grasse, astrologer extraordinaire, says Sunday, Jan. 12 is a momentous day:

"I’ve been wondering what to make of the fact that this triple planetary trigger coming up this next week involves not just Saturn/Pluto and the lunar eclipse, but a powerful Uranus station. So, what does that Uranian element tell us about what to expect from this powerhouse trifecta? Some possibilities: whatever happens could involve one or more of the following - aviation, the electrical grid, the internet, maybe even uranium. (?!) Uranus is in Taurus, so that could suggest that banks or economic systems may be involved, or earth changes."

Ray also says that December 20, 2020 is an even more momentous day.









3 Volcanic Eruptions From 3 Different Countries In 3 Days





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Linda Moulton Howe returns to Dreamland to discuss what Col. Philip Corso’s immortal phrase “a new world if you can take it” means to her and what it is going to mean in 2020 and beyond. Will 2020 be “the year” that the world faces the reality that there is somebody here whose nature we do not know and whose presence and motives we do not know.




[It looks to me that at some point in 2020 the world will be an the brink of all-out nuclear war and this is when the Alien Presence will intervene to prevent the ending of life on earth. This is what Nixon was privileged to foresee in 1972 and was the basis of his remarks to Robert Merritt. What Trump did in killing the Iranian general and Iran's response to the killing in the first salvo in what will unfold during this year leading to the intervention of the Alien Presence. Life as we know it will change instantly in the upheaval.-- Douglas Caddy]


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     I have received word that Robert Merritt has died in his residence in the Bronx, New York, of an apparent heart attack at age 77.

     A few days before I learned of his death I came across an email in my files that triggered a memory of something he once had told me.

     In the late 1980’s a highly respected and well connected person whom he knew secured an appointment for him with Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, publisher of The New York Times. They met for lunch at a small restaurant in the Times Square area. Robert told him of his three meetings with President Nixon and provided him with confidential documents. He said that Sulzberger listened carefully and then told him that upon his return to the Times he was going to give the documents to the newspaper’s legal counsel for safe keeping.  What Robert informed Sulzberger about was off-the-record and not for publication until the appropriate time

      Robert told me that was his sole contact with Sulzberger who died in 2012.

      However, the Times did publish the following unrelated story about Robert in 2014:


      Michael Powell, the Pulitzer Prize winning reporter who wrote the article, told me that Robert had sporadically told him parts of his meetings with Nixon but never the full story. He added that he was able to confirm some lesser aspects of what Robert had told him with a man with a background in intelligence who knew both him and Robert.

     Robert told me in early 2018 the full story of his meetings with Nixon because he felt death was imminent and asked that I include it in my 2018 autography, Being There: Eyewitness to History. Just prior to my book being published I arranged for Daniel Liszt of Dark Journalist to interview him. Here is the link to the interview:


       Other than me, the only persons to whom Robert ever told the full story of his meetings with Nixon were in 1973 to David Isbell, his attorney at Covington and Burling who was a partner of the firm and also chairman of the District of Columbia ACLU,  and to Sulzberger in the late 1980’s.

      Nixon had hand-written on the envelope that contained his 1972 Message to the American People about the Alien Presence that it was not to be opened until 2018. He hid the Message in the White House Library where it was discovered soon after Robert’s interview on Dark Journalist in February of that year. Its contents have never been disclosed publicly.

      Merritt told me in early 2019 of what Nixon had predicted in 1972 about this year, 2020, being cataclysmic.

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Ask Ethan: Would An Alien Civilization Classify Earth As An ‘Interesting’ Planet?

If they saw us as we were before the recent industrial revolution, would there be any reason to particularly care about us?



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Who knows what will motivate the Alien Presence to interject itself into the affairs of Earth in 2020 through a cataclysmic event involving violent change or upheaval but it seems logical that a world at the  very edge of nuclear war and total destruction would motivate such intervention.

Doomsday Clock moves to 100 seconds to midnight -- closest point to nuclear annihilation since Cold War



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I concur with the assessment made by George Soros. The impeachment trial of President Trump is underway as I write this. The trial is purposely rigged in his favor. His non-conviction and his reelection would end the American experiment in democracy. The coming months will be momentous in the history of the world, something that I believe President Nixon foresaw in 1972 and which he attempted to convey to Robert Merritt at their third meeting.

George Soros rips Trump and Xi, says the ‘fate of the world’ is at stake in 2020





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     One of the revelations of TrumpGate is that the FBI made mistakes in its applications for warrants to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) in the case of Carter Page. The document below is a January 7, 2020 FISA Court order in regard to these wrongful applications. It is important because for too long the FBI has provided misleading information in its FISA filings and has finally got caught. This is one of the constructive things that has come out of TrumpGate.

     The Inspector General of the Justice Department recently testified before Congress that a FBI employee altered a key document that was used to support a FBI’s FISA application and for doing so he is expected to face being charged criminally later this year.

     From Wikipedia: “In 2019 the Justice Department determined Page was illegally subject to surveillance by the United States government.”



     Why is this relevant here? Because Robert Merritt appeared before the Mueller grand jury in Washington, D.C. in 2018 to testify about FBI illegal activities before a secret pre-FISA federal court that held sessions at 1 a.m. in Washington, D.C. in 1970 to 1972. This was part of the Huston Plan. Chief Judge John Sirica of the U.S. District Court appointed the three judges who presided at these secret sessions at which warrants and orders were issued for wiretapping and other matters.

     I reported on this in my autobiography, Being There: Eyewitness to History (Trine Day 2018) as follows:

One of the great mysteries of Watergate is the role played in it by the controversial Huston Plan. Robert Merritt was the sole employee of the Huston Plan. White House Counsel John Dean took over administration of the Huston Plan after Tom Huston was eased out. Merritt recently recounted to me a key aspect of the plan that has never before been revealed.  This was the existence of a secret court held in a secret location in Washington before which Merritt appeared on at least twelve occasions in 1971 and 1972. He submitted to a three judge panel there an affidavit sworn to by him and but which was actually written by the FBI that was shown to him only fifteen minutes before the court convened. Invariably the court would issue a warrant for wiretapping or search or surveillance or a combination of these aimed at a specific target. In at least three cases the target was a law firm. The only named target the Merritt remembers today is the firm of Arnold & Porter for which a wiretap warrant was issued. The secret court always convened a 1 A.M. and was located beneath an apartment complex on P Street, NW, three blocks west of Rock Creek Park in Washington, D.C. Entrance was gained through the tenant’s garage beneath the apartment complex. Inconspicuously located there was a small elevator that only held three persons that descended two stories further down beneath the apartment complex. The elevator opened onto a small corridor that led to a door that had three separate locks on it, each of which required a separate key. Once that door was opened there were two other unlocked doors that led to a small courtroom. On each side of where the three judges sat, who wore black suits but not judicial gowns, were American flags. “In God We Trust” appeared on the wall behind the judges. Merritt, following the orders of the FBI agents, recited the basic contents of the affidavit prepared by the FBI of which he had no personal knowledge. He then submitted the affidavit to the judges who read it and then handed it back to Merritt to sign. Lawyers from the U.S. Department of Justice were always present. The proceeding usually lasted 45 minutes after which Merritt was escorted out by the FBI agents and subsequently driven back to his residence.

     When John Dean resigned or was fired from his position as White House Counsel, he took the only copy of the 31-page Huston Plan with him and submitted it to Chief Judge John Sirica. To this day this copy has remained among the federal court’s sealed records beyond the reach of a subpoena. Its contents are unknown to the public.


Wray: FBI Agents Involved In FISA Debacle Have Been Referred To Bureau’s Disciplinary Office



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Well worth listening to and it is free. In January 2020 one of those interviewed was shown a major city reduced to total rubble.




Robert Hastings and Dr. Bob Jacobs are among the most highly respected UFO researchers in the field. Now, with their new book Confession, they reveal another side to themselves: they are also abductees, and the most recent encounter was just a few weeks ago!

Robert Hastings is the world’s leading expert on UFO activity at nuclear weapons sites. He has gathered the testimony of more than 160 US military veterans since he started this research in 1973. In September of 2010, he co-sponsored the UFOS and Nukes press conference in Washington DC in which 7 US Air Force veterans discussed their involvement in UFO-releated incidents at ICBM sites. He is also the author of UFOs and Nukes. To go to Robert’s UFOs and Nukes website click here.

Dr. Bob Jacobs was personally involved in an incident in which a UFO interfered with a dummy warhead in 1964. He was in charge of a tracking station in California which filmed the launch and got film of the warhead being struck by lasers as it rose into the upper atmosphere at 8,000 MPH. While he was warned not to speak of the incident, he was not made to sign a confidentiality agreement and does not have a security clearance, and therefore is free to discuss the incident, which he began to do 17 years after it happened.

What neither of these distinguished researchers has discussed publicly before now is the fact that they are both close encounter witnesses. In this show they tell their personal stories, including a description of a harrowing high-strangeness event that happened to one of them in January of 2020!

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     Recently I had a conversation with someone who hopes that public disclosure of the Alien Presence will take place this year. She said that she had a bottle of champagne waiting in the refrigerator to celebrate the event because Colonel Philip Corso in his acclaimed book, The Day After Roswell, had written that such disclosure means “a new world if you can take it”

      I pointed out to her that Nixon had told Robert Merritt in 1972 that the year 2020 would be cataclysmic not only for America but for the whole planet and that cataclysmic means violent change or upheaval. She responded that then maybe she would not have time to open her champagne if the event occurred and I consoled her with the good news that she and everyone else would probably not have to worry about paying off their credit cards.

     Today I recalled this conversation when I read the weekend edition (Feb. 8-9, 2020) of The Wall Street Journal that has a lengthy article, “The Mormon Church Amassed $100 Billion. It Was the Best-Kept Secret in the Investment World.” The church fund’s name is Ensign Peak. The Journal noted that Bridgewater Associates LP, the world’s largest hedge fund firm, manages $160 billion.

     The Journal states that a former employee of the Ensign Peak fund and  also the whistle-blower who recently alerted the IRS to the fund’s existence said that they had heard the fund’s manager “refer to the second coming of Jesus Christ as part of the reason for Ensign Peak’s existence. Mormons believe that before Jesus returns, there will be a period of war and hardship.”

     The fund’s manager responded that the “employees must have misunderstood his meaning. ‘We believe that at some point the savior will return. Nobody knows when,’ he said.”

     “When the second coming happens, ‘we don’t have any idea whether the financial asset will have any value at all,’ he added. ‘The issue is what happens before that, not the second coming.’”

     So it appears that there is a good chance we won’t have to worry about paying off our credit cards if Jesus Christ returns or the Alien Presence is publicly disclosed this year.

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     Daniel Estulin, described in the article as a  24-year veteran of Russian military counterintelligence , explains in the Power Hour interview in the link below how Putin, Trump and Xi after Trump's re-election will meet in a Yalta-like setting to impose world-wide rule, in other words a world-wide dictatorship. I have always believed ever since Trump was elected that this was the ultimate goal. Now it is confirmed.

     How does this relate to the topic here? Let’s go back to the beginning where I posted:

“Who in 1972 when Watergate broke could have foreseen that the scandal eventually would lead back to President Trump’s uncle John G. Trump, an eminent scientist at MIT in the 1940’s who was delegated by the government among other classified tasks with reading Tesla’s secret files after his death and investigating the UFO phenomenon and then into the next century to Donald Trump inside the White House in a titanic struggle for control of the universe? Only one person foresaw this: President Richard Nixon who 47 years ago predicted that next year, 2020, would be cataclysmic not only for America but for the whole planet and who 32 years ago predicted that Trump one day would be president.”

     I believe that President Trump is in possession of Nixon’s general “Message to the American People” concerning the Alien Presence about which he told Robert Merritt at their third and final meeting around the second week of July 1972 that was held after the Watergate case broke on June 17, 1972.  Nixon hid the Message in a small box embedded in the wall behind Volume II of American History in the White House Library. It was found by a CIA team using a thermal imaging machine a short time after Daniel Liszt interviewed Merritt on Dark Journalist on February 14, 2018. The interview, which I arranged, is posted early on in this topic. Indeed I have concluded that there is the distinct possibility that Merritt, a Trump supporter and chairman of Bronx for Trump during the 2016 campaign, may have clandestinely informed Trump through his contact person in the White House about the location of the Message shortly after his Dark Journalist interview.

     What Trump, Putin and Xi are striving now is to gain possession of the formula for control of the universe that Nixon passed on to Henry Kissinger in the letter that Nixon asked Merritt to deliver to Kissinger as recounted in their third and final meeting described in the February 2018 Dark Journalist interview  cited early on in this topic. Kissinger today knows of the status of Nixon’s letter to him.

     The question arises now:

      If indeed Putin, Trump and Xi are planning to impose a world-wide dictatorship, how would the Alien Presence react to this especially so if these three world leaders are in possession or close to obtaining possession of the formula for control of the universe that was contained in Nixon’s July 1972 letter to Kissinger?

          Nixon’s July 1972 prediction about a cataclysmic event occurring in 2020 took place in the midst of his describing the Alien Presence in his final meeting with Merritt. It can only be assumed that Nixon’s was inferring that the Alien Presence has a relationship to the cataclysmic event, as Nixon was not more specific in what he told Merritt.





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