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Summary of coasttocoastam program of last night:

During the first three hours, UFO researcher Grant Cameron joined Jimmy Church (Twitter) to discuss recent UFO/UAP headlines from around the world, including the Wilson Document, the US Senate requesting all UFO data from the Pentagon, the current state of MUFON, and the ever-changing nature of the phenomenon. Having spent more than four decades attempting to unravel the mystery of UFOs, he marveled that "it's a completely different world today" than when he began back in 1975. To that end, Cameron observed that the past few years have seen new developments occurring at a frenetic pace, beginning with the 2017 New York Times article that revealed the Pentagon's secret program which studied UFOs up to last month's proposed Senate bill aimed at uncovering more information about the phenomenon.

He suggested that the next major breakthrough, which has been heavily rumored in the UFO research community over the last few weeks, is that the Times may soon publish another bombshell article on the phenomenon. Based on his sources, Cameron said, the piece will likely center around the Wilson Document and accounts of crashed flying saucer retrievals that were conducted by the United States government. He also theorized that perhaps reporters have been able to somehow confirm that there is a clandestine program devoted to such incidents. "If the New York Times confirms crashed saucers," he declared, "it's game over." Failing that, Cameron indicated that there appears to be several media outlets working on significant revelatory UFO stories as if there is "a race to see who's going to get there first."

Regarding the phenomenon itself, Cameron posited that it follows something of a pattern, of sorts, which he dubbed 'the theory of wow.' Extrapolating on this idea, he argued that UFOs have a history of behaving in a certain manner which seem to be specifically designed to capture our imagination. This is exemplified, he said, in short memorable sightings as well as strange and mysterious UFO-related trends can be seen emerging over the years and then largely dissipating after they have caught the interest of researchers. Cameron pointed to crop circles, cattle mutilations, and incidents of craft landing on the ground as examples of this peculiar attribute of the phenomenon. "What they're doing are these very bizarre things," he mused, "that try to get our attention."

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The Alien Presence created the Pandemic and will decide when it will end as a prelude to its offer to us of a New World if we will take it.


Dr. Osterholm: Americans will be living with the coronavirus for decades

Published: July 31, 2020 at 6:08 a.m. ET

Dr. Michael Osterholm, epidemiologist at the University of Minnesota, recognized the coronavirus would become a pandemic as early as January







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[Note: We have been saying this here for months. It is the prelude to the Alien Presence offering us a New World if we will take it.]


The Pandemic Is a Dress Rehearsal

The world is entering a transformative era. Prepare for more chaos and instability.



Walter Russell Mead

Wall Street Journal




Eight months after the novel coronavirus burst out of Wuhan, China, it has created unprecedented economic and social disruption, with economies cratering across the globe and more destruction to come. Tens of millions have lost their jobs, and millions more have seen their life savings disappear as governments forced restaurants, bars and other small businesses to shut their doors.

Wealthy societies are able, for now, to print and pump money in hope of limiting the social and economic damage, but such measures cannot be extended forever. For the first time since the 1940s, political authorities around the world face a flood of economic and political challenges that could overwhelm the safeguards built into the system.

In poorer countries, the situation is worse. The pandemic rages unchecked through countries like South Africa and Brazil, where low commodity prices, falling remittances and falling demand for industrial products are intersecting with capital flight to create an unprecedented economic shock. Countries like Lebanon and Ethiopia, facing grave crises before the pandemic, struggle to maintain basic order.

Science will, we must hope, come to the rescue with a vaccine or a cure before our resources are exhausted. But as the world wrings its hands and waits for a deus ex machina, we must recognize that the end of the pandemic does not mean a return to the relatively stable world of the post-Cold War era.

Governments and other institutions have always had to deal with difficult challenges that they couldn’t predict. Disease, famine and barbarian invasions fell unexpectedly on societies that often struggled merely to survive. The Industrial Revolution brought new perils like financial panics, the business cycle and social upheavals. Millions left the land and learned to depend on the modern economy for sustenance. Revolutionary political movements that challenged the old order could be as destructive and mysterious as the plagues and famines of earlier times.

After World War II, as the threat of nuclear war glowered in the background, the assumption that humanity could deal with most natural disasters, health problems and the business cycle took hold. It wasn’t utopia, but life seemed more predictable than in the past. With the fall of the Soviet Union, the threat of nuclear war receded into the background and Western self-confidence reached new heights. Over the past 30 years, the world has developed an intricately organized, massively complex, extraordinarily effective and extremely dynamic global civilization.

The pandemic, which is mild as the great plagues of history go, demonstrates that the complexity of this global civilization has become a source of new vulnerabilities. And with the legitimacy of many institutions resting on their ability to solve problems quickly and effectively, Covid-19 challenges political leaders and institutions in ways that they cannot easily manage.

The world needs to get used to that feeling. The pandemic’s legacy will be crisis and chaos—and the trajectory of human civilization has shifted in ways that will test political leaders and economic policy makers more severely than anything since World War II. This is partly because the return of great-power competition introduces new risks and complications into the international system. More fundamentally, it is because the information revolution is beginning to disrupt the world as profoundly and traumatically as the Industrial Revolution disrupted the 19th-century world.

The transformation of the workplace by information technology has been a bright spot in the pandemic, allowing many businesses and important institutions to continue functioning even as key employees stay home. But the same transformation is also driving many of the forces destabilizing society: declines in stable manufacturing jobs, whole regions hollowed out by economic change, the collapse of professional journalism and the rise of social media, the implosion of traditional retail, and looming job threats as self-driving cars and other new technological innovations move into the marketplace.

A host of 21st-century problems threaten to overwhelm the institutions of both national and global governance: the emergence of China as a new kind of economic and geopolitical challenger, the escalating arms races in cyber and biological weapons, the global surge of populism and nationalism, and the growing risks from poorly understood vulnerabilities and relationships in volatile and rapidly changing financial markets. Any one of these could push the world into a cycle of crisis and conflict resembling the first half of the 20th century.

Covid-19 is less a transient, random disturbance after which the world will return to stability than it is a dress rehearsal for challenges to come. History is accelerating, and the leaders, values, institutions and ideas that guide society are going to be tested severely by the struggles ahead.




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     This topic was initiated here on July 28, 2019, and is just over a year old. It has never been mentioned in any media report during that period despite its citing Nixon's prediction in 1972 that the year 2020 would be cataclysmic not only for America but for the whole planet. Nixon knew this because he had been made privy to the Alien Presence's timeline for revealing itself and offering us a New World if we will take it.

     I am not complaining that efforts here have done unnoticed by the media because this topic's role is only that of being the messenger, not a player, and does not possess any special insider's information as to the disclosure plan of the Alien Presence.

     That said, I shall recite an interesting incident that occurred around last December. I live four blocks from the Chinese Consulate in Houston that the U.S. Government ordered closed in a month ago because it was a center for spying. Four blocks away from the consulate in another direction is a McDonalds on Westheimer Road. I arrived at 6 a.m. as usual to join a group of friends for breakfast. A Chinese man and woman entered the McDonalds at the same time I did. They ordered their meal and sat not far away. Then the man and woman came to our table and asked if they could take a group photo, telling us the woman was a tourist and wanted the picture. We agreed as a matter of courtesy. The woman then came over to where I was seated at the table and put her hand on my shoulder while the man took the photo with his cell phone. A member of our group then asked the man how he planned to use the  photo. He replied that it had already been sent to Beijing. So what I read into the incident is that Chinese Intelligence follows this topic and wanted a photo of me as its author. Howard Hunt, a CIA agent, prior to Watergate once told me that the role of intelligence agencies is to gather information. So that is what the Chinese couple were doing, ordinary work for spies.

                                      WATERGATE, TRUMP’S SPACE FORCE AND 2020


Who in 1972 when Watergate broke could have foreseen that the scandal eventually would lead back to President Trump’s uncle John G.Trump, an eminent scientist at MIT in the 1940’s who was delegated by the government among other classified tasks with reading Tesla’s secret files after his death and investigating the UFO phenomenon and then into the next century to Donald Trump inside the White House in a titanic struggle for control of the universe? Only one person foresaw this: President Richard Nixon who 47 years ago predicted that next year, 2020, would be cataclysmic not only for America but for the whole planet and who 32 years ago predicted that Trump one day would be president.

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     An interesting program, especially the discussion of fabric recovered from crashed UFOs that may contain the secret of the propulsion and maneuverability of the craft.


From UnknownCountry’s website:


Don Schmitt and Tom Carey join Whitley to discuss Roswell: the Ultimate Cold Case. It was and is the central event in the vast, years long coverup that has characterized the UFO phenomenon ever since it unfolded in July of 1947. The entire rejection of the UFO reality started with official US denial of this incident. But WHY, and what is to come?

Don and Tom take us deep into the mystery in this unforgettably powerful show, literally PACKED with new information about Roswell, the bodies, memory metal, the role of the Batelle Memorial Institute, Dr. Robert Sauerbacher and MUCH MORE! Don’t miss this one!

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     The Watergate burglars were arrested on June 17, 1972, at 2:30 a.m. inside the DNC headquarters. 

     Howard Hunt called me from his White House office at 3:05 am and asked to come to my residence that was a mile from the White House. He arrived at 3:35 am. Even President Nixon at that hour had not yet been informed of the arrests. I have followed developments in Watergate since that time.

      Woodward and Bernstein have said that they believe something was still missing from what is known about Watergate. One of the Watergate Special Prosecutors also expressed a feeling that his investigation, thorough as it was, had failed to uncover something vitally important.

      Actually two things were missing and I know about both. They are intertwined.

     The first is the 46 page secret Huston Plan that was the impetus of the Watergate break-in. When John Dean resigned or was fired as White House Counsel in 1973 he took the White House sole copy of the plan with him and gave it to Chief Judge John Sirica, who promptly placed it in the court’s files where it has remained secured under seal to this date unobtainable by anyone. Both Dean and Sirica were major players in carrying out the directives of the Huston Plan and both wanted it never to see the light of day.

     The second was what Nixon told Robert Merritt in July 1972 about the Alien Presence. Merritt was the sole employee of the Huston Plan and Nixon knew of and admired how extraordinarily capable Merritt had been in carrying out his assignments. Nixon’s knowledge of the Alien Presence goes back to his duties as Vice President under President Eisenhower.

     Both Nixon and Merritt are dead. Merritt informed me about his July 1972 meeting with Nixon when he realized in 2018 that his death was looming.

      My role since then has been that of the messenger. I realize that what I know is wasted on those with closed minds who had no firsthand experience in Watergate but nevertheless have no hesitation in rushing forward to espouse their views and opinions about Nixon and the Alien Presence for what they are worth. As the messenger I write for the world’s intelligence agencies and others with responsibilities in this area to sort out what I impart. Nixon wanted his Message to the American People about the Alien Presence that he hid in the White House Library in 1972 to be found in 2018, when it was so found. He predicted to Merritt in 1972 that the year 2020 would be cataclysmic not only to America but to the whole world, which has come to pass. The pandemic is the prelude to the real cataclysmic event that is on the horizon.


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