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H.P. Albarelli Jr.'s manuscript "Coup in Dallas"

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7 hours ago, Douglas Caddy said:

When I posted the Facebook photo of the completed manuscript here on the Forum there was no problem. It became visible immediately. But for some reason Facebook since I posted it here has removed it.

Did they give you a reason? Wonder if it’s because they think this is a conspiracy site and want to censor that stuff.

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10 hours ago, James DiEugenio said:

Leslie Sharp is really pushing this is she not? 

BTW, that is not her real name.  I don't think anyone knows her real name.

Care to expound? Is she discredited? Not to be trusted? How and what is she really pushing? Is Albarelli’s research going to be accurately and completely shared? I’ve been waiting a long time - paid for the book a long time ago. I’ve been assured his book is in good hands. 

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25 minutes ago, James DiEugenio said:

I did not say she was discredited.  I thought she had some  good posts at JFK Facts.

And I know Alan Kent is a good guy and he would not work with anyone who was not.

Just checking ...

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Paul, I'll vouch for the JFK Fact's part of what Jim says.  I've conversed with her there before.  She was knowledgeable, made intriguing informative posts and was polite.  Wish she'd join the forum to be honest.  No matter who she really is.  I posted there as Ronnie Wayne.  Didn't want to be harassed by the likes of McAdams and his ilk via tracing down personal email by using my real name. 

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2 hours ago, John Kozlowski said:

I just looked and Kindle has it as 2/11/20

Thanks John. We'll see. I expect it may be pushed back again. I wonder those of us waiting for traditional paper copies may have a slightly longer wait?

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