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“Stories within Stories”: The CIA’s Strategies to Dupe the American Public

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Good article about a longstanding CIA propaganda methodology, and its recent application to the Syrian debacle.

One thing that I've noticed, studying the history of Allen Dulles, Angleton, Cord Meyer, C.D. Jackson, et.al., is how diabolically clever those guys were-- and knowledgeable about psychological ops/propaganda techniques!

And it's no accident that some of the guys involved in developing their complex black ops were writers and ad men-- Angleton, E. Howard Hunt, Edward Lansdale,  Cord Meyer, David Atlee Phillips, et.al.

Their complex web of false narratives has been one reason it has been so difficult to solve the JFK assassination mystery.

As for Syria, one of the only honest comments that I have ever heard in the mainstream U.S. media about CIA Operation Timber Sycamore was made by Columbia University Professor Jeffrey Sachs on MSNBC, following our most recent bombing of Douma.  In addition to calling attention to our covert strategy of arming Sunni proxies to overthrow the Assad regime, Sachs talked about the disastrous plight of Syria's war refugees and ruined cities, and said, "We've done enough damage already.  We need to get out."

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