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Santo Trafficante Jr. plays a central role in thriller ‘Mafia Spies’

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Tampa crime boss Santo Trafficante Jr. plays a central role in thriller ‘Mafia Spies’

Thomas Maier’s detail-packed but entertaining book recounts the CIA’s plot to kill Castro with the help of Mafia bosses.



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Guest Rich Pope

And it's interesting to note that well before this book was written a criminal by the name of James Files sat in prison claiming that Giancana, Roselli and Traficanti all played a role in the murder of JFK.  FIles claims to have been a driver for Roselli but offers no proof for that statement.  And the mob's empire was in the billions back then, not merely the millions.  It was enormous to the point you that off of just one casino in Vegas, a mobster could feed his family and all of his relatives from what the mob took in only one month of skimming the profits at this particular casino.  In addition, Santo couldn't order a hit on JFK.  It had to be Sam Giancana because he was arguably the most powerful crime boss in the country at the time.  I know the book starts out with the CIA hiring Giancana, Roselli and Traficante going after Castro.  I have a sneaking suspicion these men and their plan gets turned around on JFK because of what happened to Carlos Marcello as well as Bobby Kennedy's relentless attacks on the mob.  

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