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Donald Trump and Joseph P. Kennedy

Douglas Caddy

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12 hours ago, Robert Harper said:

Joe, I recently posted this comment on a YouTube video on the Netherlands which, like many countries in Europe, combine a capitalist culture with social activism, leveling the playing field  a bit. For example, no CEO is allowed a bonus in excess of 20% of their yearly income; private health care plans are regulated by the government, allowing  wide participation; communities and housing are planned so that no one with huge bank accounts and equally huge egos, can dominate an environment.

Native New Yorker who has lived in Washington DC and California and now resides in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is what Americans "think" they have in ambiance and government but aren't even close. The schools, police, transit, community centers, medical system are all superior to the States. There is respect shown for every worker in every position. There is much less honking of horns or defacing of buildings; there are a few busy traffic corners in Rotterdam that have no lights--each respects the right of the other and it runs smoothly--even with a tram running through it. The Netherlands was way ahead of the States on the decriminalization of marijuana. It is also a diverse country ; when I first arrived I thought I was in New York. Which, by the way, would be a lot better place if the Dutch had stayed and developed it; once the English took over, Manhattan was cut like a checker board with straight lines. The Dutch part of Manhattan--below Canal Street - shows what could have been reality throughout the island--angled streets, pockets of community, lots of green places, lots of water to soothe and provide places of reflection. It is the most densely populated country in Europe and handles the density with care and variety. From land that was below sea level, the Dutch created a civilization that embraces the natural forces of life and adjusts to it. It is a child-friendly country; imagine the MLB or NFL players walking out hand in hand with a boy or girl who plays the sport. Not the least of the pleasures is the priority of the bike and the bike paths. Cars dominate most cities in America--indeed there is little consideration for those who walk or bike. The Netherlands has its priorities right: the "pursuit of happiness" is as important as "life" and "liberty."

Robert--  Why the concern with who killed JFK, you all seem to love the post JFK era of drugs, post industrial economy, rock music. 

Learn something about the real history of the Dutch in New York City when they called it New Amsterdam-- they created  NYC as a headquarters for slavery. The Dutch West India company was running the show on behalf of Empire. The "pursuit of happiness" principle came from Godfrey Leibniz and has nothing to do with the pursuit of sensuous pleasure. 

It would seem to me that the killer of JFK would come from this historical battle of Empire versus republic? That's the only real struggle that's ever occured within the human race over the many years humans have been on this planet.

Enjoy the Netherlands-- 





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Latest tweet by President Trump. Have the JFK buffs ever had a President this willing to engage the enemy right out in the open and yet they're so dense they believe the British controlled media that Trump is evil. If Trump were evil they would have treated him the same way they treated that traitor Barrack Obama. 



I am fighting the Fake (Corrupt) News, the Deep State, the Democrats, and the few remaining Republicans In Name Only (RINOS, who are on mouth to mouth resuscitation), with the help of some truly great Republicans, and others. We are Winning big (150th Federal Judge this week)!
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