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Pseudonyms and Aliases

Michael Clark

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Michael, this is great that you set up this thread!

Unless Caravel is a last name - like "Jack Carvael" it is probably a codename and therefore a cryptonym.  The words in a "slugline"  - the line directly above the beginning of a memo - are generally cryptonyms.

Pseudonyms are names that could actually be passed off as someone's name.  Here's an example -  Marginalia reveals that "Carlos Blanco" is the pseudo for Joaquin Samjenis/AMOT-2.  This is a big one - there are hundreds of hits for Carlos Blanco.   See 104-10229-10273.

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5 minutes ago, Michael Clark said:

Bart Kamp shared the following:



Sharing as Adobe Document Cloud Doc for testing. Please let me know how this works.



AMPAL-1   Alias:  Joe Anderson

AMPAL-2   Not in MFF

AMPAL-3   Not in MFF  Alias: Gordon R Hawlott


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