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Donald Gibson- Wealth. Power , Laissez Faire Capitalism

Jim Harwood

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Professor Donald Gibson wrote two books about JFK. One  he released in 1994 concerned JFK's on going battle with Wall Street while his second book about JFK was released in 2001 and was concerned with the assassination of JFK.

He has a third book he published and released in 2011 titled "Wealth, Power, and the crisis with Laissez Faire capitalism" . This book covers the fight of FDR and JFK to revive the American System (understanding the American System is indispensable to understanding  the murder of JFK and other American System Presidents as well as the murder of Alexander Hamilton by Mallet-Prevost brother in law and agent Aaron Burr). 

Professor Gibson does a great service by exposing his readers to the fact that the American System versus the Free Trade Market system of Adam Smith (chief Economist of the British East India Company) who wrote his book Wealth of Nations in 1776 (a polemic against the new republic United States).

Chapter 1-- Property or promoting the General Welfare

Chapter 2- American System versus Adam Smith

Chapter 5- FDR and JFK revive the American System 

This book also goes along way in explaining the fight that current President Donald Trump has gotten into with the British run media as well as the British run US intelligence agencies. Now the President can add the central bankers as a former Fed Reserve rep penned an article stating that the Federal Reserve should make sure Donald Trump is not re elected in 2020. So we now have a President in a fight with the "brainwashers" i.e. media/Hollywood, the CIA, FBI, Justice, NSA, MI6, Five Eyes and private asteroids that contract with these spy outfits, and the Central Bankers including the Federal Reserve. Not a bad group to be hated by. 

This book also touches upon the death of FDR and how his death allowed the British and French to attempt to reclaim Vietnam under the yoke of Colonialism. FDR had planned to eliminate British, French colonial system everywhere on the planet. When he died in 1945 we got one of the many rotten apples taking over the White House and this was no different with Harry S. Truman, who allowed the British to reclaim their empire, launched the cold war with Winston Churchill and shut down a good deal of the FDR economic machine domestically. But if not for Truman the US would have never been in a position to get tricked into entering Vietnam in a non winnable war which destroyed this country. 

Buy the book?






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Gibson was one of the most valuable and original writers on the JFK case to merge in the nineties.

His analysis of the power structure of the USA was really insightful and much more accurate than what had preceded it in this community.

The first chapter of his book Battling Wall Street, about the Steel Crisis, is worth the price of the book.

If you have not read his books, you are really missing out on something central.  Thanks for the tip about another work of his Jim.

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I read Battling Wall Street just 2-3 years ago.  Quite enlightening for me in terms of the big picture.  I finally ordered The Kennedy Assassination Cover Up a few month's back.  It's next up.  I know I'm years behind.

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Better late than never.

Especially for someone as good as Gibson.

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