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Have you seen 'bridge builder'?

It is a freeware program that allows you to design, build and test bridge structures.

The pupils at my school in macclesfield are addicted to it!

Download it from www.designandtech.com (it's in the 'free software' section)

Then check out the sequel. You can download the demo which has loads of levels, enough to keep my pupils busy for hours

The sequel allows you to choose different materials, such as cable and steel frames. You can even ride a train across the bridge as it crumbles around you! Both programs are very easy to use.

Don't panic if you don't have broadband, the program files are tiny. The Bridge builder one is so small you could get about ten copies of it on a floppy disk. The sequel will also fit on a floppy disk. Though, they both require the PC running them to have a 3D graphics card... but all do now a days.

Check out the software.

Does anyone else have free, fun and educational software they use in school?

Please share it with us all

Andy Jones

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And what is wrong with shameless self promotion. I do it every day Andy.

Unfortunately it is not free but the best software I have ever used must be the Focus CD Roms. Focus on Plastics, Design, Knockdown Fittings, Materials and of course the best of all Resistant Materials 2.

They are bringing out a CD on metals. The company have gone from strength to strength over the years. Focus also produce software for Science.

The software really helps all students ranging from Key stage 3, 4 and A level. It is so easy to use. It is well worth the money.

Apologies if you all are aware of the software and have been using it as long as I have.

Andy Davies


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