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Dr. Robert McClelland has passed away.

Micah Mileto

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Micah, no , I Believe it is not true- here is Wikipedia on the good Doctor..

After forty-five years on the faculty at Southwestern Medical Center, McClelland retired in August 2007. In September 2007, he was appointed Professor Emeritus of Surgery at the UT Southwestern Medical Center, remaining involved in medical student education.[5](HE ALWAYS HAD  HIS LICENSES-cs)

Assassination of John F. Kennedy and aftermath[edit]

On November 22, 1963, McClelland was working at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, Texas, when President John F. Kennedy was brought in grievously injured. Despite the efforts of the three attending surgeons (McClelland, Malcolm Perry and Charles R. Baxter),[6] he died shortly after arriving.[2] McClelland was the only member of Kennedy's surgical team who supported the idea that Kennedy had been shot from the front, thus the idea that there was a second gunman.[6] Two days later, McClelland saw on the news that Kennedy's assassin Lee Harvey Oswald had been shot; McClelland immediately went back to the hospital. Along with George Shires, McClelland worked unsuccessfully to save Oswald's life, as he was pronounced dead two hours after being shot.[2] McClelland preserved his blood-stained shirt from attempting to save President Kennedy for the rest of his life.[6]

Personal life and death[edit]

McClelland married Connie Logan in May 1958. She was the head nurse at Parkland Memorial Hospital, and the two also attended the same church.[6] They had two daughters and a son.[1] McClelland enjoyed reading, and insisted on having a bookcase in every room of his house.[6]

McClelland died from kidney failure on September 10, 2019, at an assisted living facility in Dallas. He was 89.[1]


In 1990, McClelland became the namesake for the Parkland Surgical Society's Robert N. McClelland Lectureship.[7]


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