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Mark Lane / Prostitutes

Jim Harwood

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The linked 1964 FBI memo reports on the 1962-1963 investigation of NY Assemblyman Mark Lane by Queens NY District Attorney Bernard Patter. It seems among the many issues Mark Lane had he also has this terrible problem that ironically he shared with the likes of Clay Shaw, and David Ferrie, he is a "masochist". And this type of psycho sexual habit is famously common among the British aristocracy like Lord Bertrand Russell, Loyd Boyd Orr, and Sir Hugh Trevor Roper all who were patrons of Mark Lane and his rise to become    an anti US Government conspiracy theorist and hero who allegedly authored a book from London England titled "Rush to Judgement" which became a NYT's best seller. Years later  It was alleged by Executive Intelligence Review Editors in 1978 that Lane a former Air Force Intelligence officer was also a lower level FBI "Division Five" operative deployed by JFK killers to obfuscate the truth about the assassination which would include taking part in the British intelligence operation and committee headed by Lord Russell titled "Who Killed Kennedy". Later during his career as a magpie and provocateur for the British Mark Lane would travel in style with a Carolyn Mugar the daughter of a wealthy Boston Brahmin family. Mugar would end up with promoting dope fiend Willie Nelson in the Farm Aid front operation of the 1980's. 

Anyway back to the story.


The two women in question according to the Queens NY DA were  Phyllis Golden and Lee Stephenson. The authorities believed what was really going on was a Profumo type operation  inside Tammany Hall  where they would use these women (and others) to get information from these influential NYC politicians. They also wanted to compromise the politicians as in black mail. Mark Lane was a part of this. 

In all the years Lane appeared to be a thorn in the side of the nasty US Government, this scandal about his personal life was never leaked by the major media. It was never leaked by the FBI or the Queens DA's office or used by the major networks  even when Mark Lane looked mighty suspicious in the middle of the Jonestown Massacre that resulted in the murder of a US Congressman and hundreds of Jonestown members. Who was protecting Mark Lane all those many years? 

As far as Phyllis Golden I believe she is the same Phyllis Golden Gottlieb that became a whistle blower against CBS giant Les Moonves. 


FBI March 1964 report on the Queens NY District Attorney investigation of Mark Lane




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24 minutes ago, David Andrews said:

a member of the SDS which would become the Weatherman Terrorist

All 300 national SDS chapters became Weathermen? 

Exactly how many State Department employees are Communists, Senator?

Did you read my 2004 comment about Oglesby? Otherwise whats the point ? By the way Dave you're not defending the Weatherman and their murdering ways are you? Can I use the phrase "murdering ways"? Will it get me banned? You can never be too careful, isn't that right Senator?

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50 minutes ago, Jim Harwood said:

Did you read my 2004 comment about Oglesby? Otherwise whats the point ? By the way Dave you're not defending the Weatherman and their murdering ways are you? Can I use the phrase "murdering ways"? Will it get me banned? You can never be too careful, isn't that right Senator?

Objection - leading.

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Did JFK really smoke weed with Mary Meyer?  Did they try that MKULTRA drug LSD?  Did the CIA OD Mark Lane on LSD, is that why he pursed the idea that JFK's assassination was a conspiracy throughout his life?  Why he did the prescient interviews of Real witnesses the Warren Omission ignored.  Why he wrote multiple relevant books on the subject, unlike you or I.

If Mugar was a Brahmin promoting a dope fiend, was she a dope fiend?  What is a dope fiend?  A junkie that steals and murders for the next fix?  Someone the CIA fried with acid testing them in MKULTRA?  Or an old democrat who claims pot kept him from being a dead alcoholic?  Run Forrest Run.  Beware the "axe" wielding gunslinger.


These devious dope fiends done perverted the whole world, it's all done gone to pot.


Then again.  Willie's a Black Belt in Karate.  Maybe LBJ persuaded him to slip into Jim Kothe's apartment in 1964 and Karate chop his neck as he stepped out of the shower.  As well as steal the beginnings of his book and notes for it.  The red headed stranger strikes again, with Amazing Grace on an Uncloudy Day if you have the 8 minute attention span left.


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J. Harwood states in his initial thread post that Mark Lane served in Air Force intelligence in his military service time.

I had never heard this about Lane and out of curiosity looked at his Wiki entry and in this discovered that it was "Army intelligence" not Air Force. And that his duty station was Vienna?

Did Lane ever write about his service time and particularly this part of it?

Every now and then you find out certain historical or celebrity figures served in intelligence in their military duty or even civilian lives and this information wasn't widely reported.

For instance, Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward served in Naval Intelligence. Same with Coast To Coast AM radio host George Noory ( Naval Intelligence.)

So many others.

When William F. Buckley was conducting his adversarial interview/debate with Mark Lane on Buckley's "Firing Line" back in 1966, probably 99.9% of Americans didn't know of Buckley's intelligence service background including his close working and personal relationship with Mark Lane antagonist and even JFK undermining super agent E. Howard Hunt.

What to make of finding out that so many famous people ( journalists, media heads, etc ) in our recent history society have backgrounds like this?

Seems like a ridiculously high number member club.

Please tell me Mr. Rogers and other innocuously famous others weren't members of this fraternity.

Would like to know more about Lane's own take on his military service time in this role.

Also, didn't know Lane's true lineage family name was "Levin" not Lane. Although I don't see anything out of the ordinary with a name change practice back in those days. Everyone wanted to sound more American regards new immigrants.

Hence, Jack "Ruby" versus Rubenstein... or "Woody Allen" versus "Alan Konigsberg?"

Or Dean Martin?  Birth name..."Dino Paul Crosetti?"


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"Mugar would end up with promoting dope fiend Willie Nelson in the Farm Aid front operation of the 1980's."
This is such cheap 50's style propaganda. Guilt by association is a typical tactic to smear a person. I guess everyone who associated with Willie Nelson on the Farm Aid concert was a person of low character?


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Why would anyone pick on and put down the "dope fiend" Willie Nelson?   I've enjoyed his music since the 1950's.  I wish he would be around for another 50 years.

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