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To this day, Ruth Paine lives with the murder of JFK.

Douglas Caddy

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Guest Rich Pope
2 hours ago, Douglas Caddy said:

This is garbage.  Concerning the attempt at murdering General Walker...Police investigating the case failed to turn-up any leads--until Oswald was taken into custody on November 22 and Walker's name and phone number were discovered in his address book.  However, the bullet discovered in Walker's house was identified by police to the press as a 30.06-caliber bullet  and in their report as "steel -jacketed, of unknown caliber" -- not a 6.5 mm copper-jacketed bullet like the ones supposedly shot from Oswald's rifle in Dealey Plaza.  In addition, NONE of the men seen near Walker's house looked like Oswald.  In early April, a Walker aide saw two men prowling outside his employer's home and a "Cuban or dark-complected man in a 1957 Chevrolet" who circled the house several times.  Immediately after the shooting Walter Coleman saw two white men--neither resembling Oswald--getting into separate cars, a 1950 Ford and a 1958 Chevrolet.  Oswald did not know how to drive.

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1 hour ago, Kathy Beckett said:

Garbage or no, it would've been fantastic to attend. 

Yes mam.  If they permitted a Q & A I'd of loved to have asked her did you, or to your knowledge Michael ever meet or communicate otherwise through intermediaries or by telephone with Dallas Secret Service head G A Moore?  The associate of George De Morenschild who said he never would never have dealt with Oswald without Moore's approval.  The George DeM who "handed off"  Marina and Lee to you and Michael ?

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