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Hoover had no clue

Guest Rich Pope

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Guest Rich Pope

I don't know how much research any of you have done on J. Edgar Hoover but if you did, you would find it very amusing.  For a time, Hoover didn't even believe in organized crime family's.  It was simply beyond his scope of belief.  Then, after bugging Sam Giancanna's place in Chicago, Hoover's eyes were opened and the scope of the mob soon became very apparent.  And when Hoover found out the CIA was paying Giancanna and Roselli to kill Castro, he flipped his lid!  How could all this be right in front of his nose and he not know about it???  LOL...The guy was a real character.  So you had the FBI not liking the CIA and vice-versa, and get this...the CIA trained Oswald ( Camp Peary from September 8 to October 17, 1958) and he was on their payroll,  the FBI was paying Oswald as an informant (NARA RIF no. 180-10076-10413), and Oswald thought he was pretty important at this point.  Only to realize at the last possible moment he was just a patsy.  

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Harold Weisberg long ago insisted to me (Weisberg somehow got ahold of a witness) that when Hoover learned of the assassination, he flipped out. As Weisberg said, the most important dictum FBI-ese was "cover the Bureau's ass" and the second one was "cover your own ass." 

Weisberg stated that Hoover was mortified that the FBI would be blamed for failing to prevent the assassination, and that the obvious, immediate answer was to craft a solution with a "lone nut",  a person flying under the FBI's radar. After all, no one could blame the FBI for failing to uncover a conspiracy if in fact the "lone nut" had conspired with no one.

"Oswald's" arrest meant all FBI fingers would be pointed at him, and "Oswald's" murder solved the problem of having to prove their case against him in court. The "evidence" would never be tested, and that was fine with Hoover. 

Was Hoover also vulnerable to blackmail from Mob/CIA sources about his personal life?

Of course.

Did Hoover fear the CIA?


Was "Oswald" a long-time creature of the CIA, foisted in 1963 on an unwitting FBI to ensure their help in the cover-up of the assassination?

Seems awfully likely to me. Apparently Hoover realized belatedly just how trapped the FBI was. The CIA had done its homework. They knew how the FBI would react.

And they were right.


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