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John Howard Lawson

Guest Bart Kamp

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Malcolm emailed me some context regarding these files.

The back story is,the HSCA were pushing FBI for the files on Larry Howard.....up against the wall they sent the files on John Howard Lawson "by mistake"...IMPOSSIBLE!!!......by the time HSCA caught up to this chicanery the committee was on it's last legs so they (and we) did not get Larry( NoNameKey) Howard's files...…..however the John Howard Lawson files are a truly remarkable snapshot of what happened if you got on a Hoover sh*t list......details of total all encompassing surveillance,trash cover,wiretapped,followed,all his "friends" utilised as spies against him,it was relentless until the day he died..and beyond,almost the last document in the file has an FBI report of all the mourners at his funeral,and the list of license plate numbers.....welcome to the land of the free...

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