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I told you Tulsi's the one!

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I've tried to stay out of all this political stuff on the board, but I got ta say I don't like Tulsi at all.  I have a problem with this:


What is going on now is an inquiry.  Both Dems and Repubs are there listening to witness statements. Much like a grand jury, this is a gathering of evidence, which will be public.  She knows better. But I guess it fuels the base when you  say these sort of things.

I figure she is going to do the same thing Jill Stein did last time--pull votes away from the two primary candidates.  I was actually stupid enough to send Dr. Stein money for the investigation of vote counts.

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1 hour ago, David Andrews said:

Jim - off topic - there may be a problem with the Kennedys and King site.  I haven't been able to get in since late last night.  It just keeps cycling but not opening.

It seems to be working now. Still a little slow loading but not like earlier today.

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2 hours ago, James DiEugenio said:

Kathy, let's be fair:

1.) Impeachment has not played out and

2.) the primaries have not started.

I never said the impeachment had played out. My point was that the inquiry is run much like a grand jury, an evidence hunt. Whether there are grounds or not does not negate the fact that she went on FOX and complained about a lack of transparency, and she knows better. It was a selling point for her to a base.  I still think she's going to be the Jill Stein of 2020,  It would be funny as heck if that were her running mate.

Sorry I'm acerbic. I have had my fill of this stuff. You folk are more than welcome to like her--I don't.

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We're not sure loyal U.S. Major Gabbard - is it not against Army regs for an officer to hold civilian office simultaneous to serving - is the correct choice for a country reeling from misspent military budgets, illegal invasions, and, occupations. We've not heard a repudiation of Pentagon practices from her - only a rejection of 'regime change',  which she misplaces the responsibility for at the doorstep of our dwindling civilian authority.

This sideshow of an impeachment is going to be one of the final death knells of the civilian sector. So many more important issues face our most vulnerable citizens - one of which would be fixed if some of that mis-applied energy could be put behind the Social Security 2100 Act, now lagging way behind in the house. Another is electronic election reform - the cyber security director at Homeland Security, of all people, has been shouting from the rooftops that states must immediately begin funding implementation of fixes for the vast corruptability inherent in our voting system at this late date.

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