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Does anyone have an opinion on the image seen at the center of this photo. Feel free to enlarge or enhance it in any way that may assist you in your opinion. There is no right or wrong here. Would simply like your observation, and see if there is any consensus.

Screenshot (7).png

Edited by Craig Carvalho
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John Costella on his website offers a download of all the Zapruder frames in a zip file or you can look at those one at a time on his site.

I know from past references that some folks don't care for Costella's work, but it seems ok to me for use.  I use them all the time in anything to do with the Zapruder frame.  Michael Clark has offered a good source for these frames.

Mr. Carvelho's frames offer nothing usable for commenting on. They are too blurred and out of focus.  Chris Bristow correctly identified the Zapruder film as the source.

The first frame with light and contrast adjusted.  This would make a fair abstract painting.


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