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When JFK was Trump

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When JFK Was Trump

In the rush to criticize the current president, we risk forgetting the lesson of the Kennedy years: There is danger in relying too heavily on the “wisdom” of the elders.


October 30, 2019



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When JFK Wasn't Trump...   😬


In Shift, U.S. Says Israeli Settlements in West Bank Do Not Violate International Law

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the reversal of decades of American policy that may doom any peace efforts.



November 18, 2019

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18 minutes ago, Kirk Gallaway said:

Well put!W.    Throw in helping the Saudis with their genocide in Yemen.

His case for their similarity peters out quickly in the end. But he makes a point about reliance on the entrenched government experts or "elders".



      In my humble psychiatric opinion, Trump doesn't rely on "experts" mainly because of his narcissistic grandiosity-- his inflated, delusional concept of his own tremendous wisdom.

      It's a common problem for people with narcissistic personality disorders.

     Trump is the guy who punched his music teacher in the eye in grade school, while exclaiming that the teacher "(didn't) know anything about music."

     Similarly, as POTUS, he fires any "experts" who disagree with his poorly informed, idiotic judgments.

     The contrast with JFK is YUGE, even by Trump's gargantuan standards.

     JFK disagreed with the Cold War hawks in his administration because he was perceptive, informed, and ethical.

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In today's episode of, "When JFK Wasn't Trump," we begin with the story of JFK setting limits on psychopaths in the military-industrial complex-- firing Allen Dulles, and demoting General Lemnitzer, etc.

In contrast, today we have Trump's Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer trying to set limits on a psychopathic POTUS.

Spencer has, apparently, threatened to resign over Trump's pardon of convicted war criminal Eddie Gallagher, and his reinstatement in the SEALS.

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You can tell by where the comparisons like JFK - Trump show up where it’s being promoted. It’s like an Angletonian poison pill. Breitbart, Glenn Greenwald - very odd to say the least. That’s why I suspect a hidden propaganda hand. 

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        Now the story is on the front page of the New York Times.*  Interesting reference to JFK's history of intervening to pardon a soldier who had bad-mouthed him (i.e., JFK.)  Meanwhile, we have Trump intervening to pardon a war criminal who had even threatened his fellow Navy SEALS to prevent them from reporting his war crimes.

        This is about what I would expect to see in the contrasting cases of; 1)  a POTUS who risked his life in combat to save his PT boat crew, and 2) a POTUS who joked about faking a medical disability (bone spurs)  to dodge military service in time of war.


*  When JFK Wasn't Trump


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This story gets weirder by the minute...

Esper has just issued a statement claiming that he has fired Richard Spencer for "lack of candor."

Meanwhile, WSJ just published Spencer's resignation letter to Trump, in which Spencer expressed regrets about his divergence of opinion with the Commander in Chief regarding order, discipline, and the rule of law in our military.

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