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Many times I have seen adopted children on programs finding real parents or real parents finding their children.

I would often think of my natural mother because I too am adopted.

Well one day a half sister called me up. Step by step it came to finally talking to my natural mother. We talked for hours each time on the phone. Finally we met.

What surprised me was to find out that I have all together two sisters and seven brothers as well as one brother I call my adopted brother in the group as well. So there are ten of us in total.

I grew up so alone, no brothers and sisters and now have a team of them. WE HAD A LARGE FAMILY REUNION this past summer and for the first time stood in a long line. Never before photo.

I learned a lot in the last several months since the first phone call last Feb.

Yes, I do feel like shouting this out to the world. The hard part for me is learning all of their names. I do learn fast and catch onto things fast.

What we find the most about each other is that we are so alike in many ways.

My sister is into the arts and had worked in Maryland Univ. in the arts dept. I am into Wyeth art.

We walk a lot alike, we talk about the same things, our interest is sort of alike.

My other sister is into religion and teaches in this. I also did the same thing for a good many years.

As far as brothers well for some reason those guys are so silent and they seem to pull off. But they all are fairly much into the same things. Guns, hunting, fishing, and work. There I guess I pull towards the girls not so much the guys.

I love horses. One sister wishes she were me there. Mother's love is a true love and one that was well worth the wait then never found or known.

I wish I had grown up with them all though. I wonder if my life would be so different than now. More educated.

Oh! The real shock is that my would be - could have been step father was into Watergate and also JFK facts. He did a poem that I heard on tape about Johnson and also another one about Watergate Nixon. I was giving out points after I heard it as if I were talking to the man standing there. So sad we never met to talk to each other on those points, he passed away before I had the chance to meet him.

To the family the raised me, never talk about anyone in politics or political events in history, never discuss religion. Never give opinion, never give theory. So, when talking to my natural mother and could say on and on things about this, I am just amazed about it.

There are other things I know of that already do tie in between sisters but if I stated - I know no one would believe. John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy housekeeper's son married to my sister REAL FACT. Situation a little off now they divorced. My one brother does wear JFK's shirts that was passed down that is.

Other facts still that is just unbelievable but real.

Henry Kissinger not only met me but also my sister. He held both of our hands at one time in life. I wrote to Bob Woodward he reacted. My sister sat for Carl Bruinsteins kids. There we sort of differ. Two seprate reactions.

The one thing that one sister and myself agree on is the possibility of passing messages over to the Kennedy family if needed to be done can be accomplished with ease.


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A very moving post Nancy. I am reminded of what Cesare Pavese said in his diary just before committing suicide. Although acclaimed as a great poet he wrote that in the final analysis it did not matter. He failed in all the important things of life – his relationships. Pavese was right. The successful person is the one who has enjoyed a good relationship with his/her parents, partner, children and siblings.

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