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EDWARD DAHLQUIST - KLEINS - Vince P where are you?

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If Vince or anyone can help me out here....

The Secret Service report about KLEINS includes the following paragraph referring to 12:45pm on Saturday 11/23...

The only E. DAHLQUIST I could find was in the HSCA name index as an ASAIC,,,

In every instance when an agent is being referred to, it says "SAIC" or "Special Agent", or "ASAIC", etc....  but not here.

Below this is the page from a Nov 1962 report about a plot to kill JFK ....  4 lines from the bottom is ASAIC DAHLQUIST...

Are they saying here an SS agent is running KLEINS that weekend or is there a different Edward DAHLQUIST?


ps... asked "not to discuss the case" suggests to me he was not an agent... FWIW





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BTW, Agent "J. GRIMES" is the man who says he received the Money Order from SA PARKER

Bottom left on 11/24 - his initials after claiming he put the original in an envelope, sealed it, signed it with PARKER and put it in a safe.


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Additionally, the name LIDO LUCCHESI comes up from Michael WESTRA of KLEINS 

WESTRA says that Lido and SCIBOR, the General Office Manager are the people to talk to...

Anyone know who LIDO LUCCHESI was?

1. [No Title]
Record Number: 180-10086-10245
Record Series: NUMBERED FILES      Agency: HSCA
Agency File No.: 005496      Originator: HSCA
From: LUCCHESI, LIDO      To: [No To]
Date: 02/21/1978      Pages: 1
Document Type: OUTSIDE CONTACT REPORT      Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Restrictions: OPEN IN FULL      Current Status: OPEN
Date of Last Review: 06/15/1989      Opening Criteria: [empty value]
Comments: Box 113.
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Edward Stephen Dahlquist; August 9, 1932-January 7, 2014. Formerly of Des Plaines Illinois passed away at Holland Homes in Grand Rapids Michigan, after a long illness, his family was with him as he began his journey home. Ed was a Korean war veteran and a graduate of Loyola University. He and his wife were active in supporting causes for mental illness. He loved his family, anything chocolate, and the Cubs. He was preceded in his death by his wife Elizabeth (Betty) Hearne. He is survived by his 3 children, Ed Dahlquist (Cathy), Jay Dahlquist (Larrisa), and Judith Dahlquist Whitelaw (Jim); five grandchildren, Brittany Koziol (Jeff), Courtney Dahlquist, Stephanie Dahlquist, Jillian Dahlquist and Kelsey Dahlquist; two great grandchildren, Emmerson and Avery Koziol. A private service was held by the family---Published in a Chicago Tribune Media Group Publication on Jan. 12, 2014

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On 11/8/2019 at 9:36 PM, Vince Palamara said:

Edward Stephen Dahlquist; August 9, 1932-January 7, 2014. Formerly of Des Plaines Illinois

Thanks Vince....

Didn't make sense (but kinda did if you know what I mean) that a Secret Service Agent would be in charge of Klein's that Saturday....

Neither Waldman or Scibor mentions a DAHLQUIST in their testimony and this appears to be the only mention of him....  but I'll keep looking...

Take care


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With Waldman supposedly handing everything over the night before to the FBI, the SS was a bit late getting going as they first seem to contact KLEINS on Sat late morning.

Although we all know that may or may not be true as conflicting reports have DOLAN taking the film as well as NOT taking the film and leaving it with WALDMAN in his safe...

Point is, FBI has the ORIGINAL SOURCE DOCS and the source of the source, the film....

and to this day there STILL has not been seen a single FC Carbine bearing any one of the other 99 serial numbers listed....

If it WAS shipped in February... why is it the only one not marked off?  {shout out thanks to Armstrong & Gil Jesus}


More importantly.... From Nov 22 until the signings of the affidavits... the shipment with C2766 was sent June 18, 1962.
Is this yet another C2766...  Come to CAPA and find out...



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